What did you say?

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When Zach finally got out of the shower his hair was dry. Probably because I heard my blowdryer just start turning on when the shower turned off. His hair was a mess, but I loved it. He went over to his phone and checked it. "It's six fourty." Zach said before putting his phone in his back pocket.

"So we have twenty minutes?" I asked expecting him to say yes because he loves to be on time.😂 "Yes." I knew it😂. "So what do you want to do for the twenty minutes?" I asked him.

"Well I know who you like. How about your family. Any siblings? Dad?" "Well, I am the only child. My dad left me and my mom when I was two. My mom hit rock bottom in one month. In fact she thought about moving in with my uncle but then my grandma and grandpa came into town and we moved in with them. My grandma made a deal with my mom that my mom goes to college and then my grandma will take care of me while mom is at college. My mom went to college and my grandma took care of me. The year I was five when my mom finished law school. One year later she had cases coming in like crazy. Some were pretty simple. Some were just DUI's trying to get less or no jail time. By the time I was ten we moved into this house that I am in now. My grandma and grandpa is still alive at sixty-two years old. They were born in the same year but different months and days." I said.

"Oh. How old is your mom?" Zach asked. "Oh she is thirty-five." "Your mom had you when she was nineteen?" He questioned. "Yes great math." I said. I got a little bored and looked at my phone. It was six fifty five. I saw Zach went on his phone like two seconds and then he stood up.

"Ready to start walking outside my lady?" Zach asked walking towards me. "Not really." I said laughing. "Well to bad get up." He said. "Fine." I said. He started walking downstairs. I got my phone and headed downstairs with him.

I locked the door after he went outside. The Uber was already here. I bet that is what he did when he went on his phone. He opened the door for me and I got in I scooted into the middle and be slid in next to me. The Uber driver drove off to our destination.

We got there and we were in front of a movie theater. "Okay do you like scary movies?" Zach asked. "Um yes." I said laughing. We got out and thanked the Uber driver. We went and got movies tickets for IT and went in and got some popcorn and went and got some seats and waited for the movie to start. After the movie see a new Uber. "Zach. How many more stops?" I asked him.

"Aw only one more." He said. "Okay." I said. We got in the Uber and went to our next destination. We showed up at a restaurant. More specifically. Olive Garden. We got out of the Uber and I basically ran inside. I haven't had Olive Garden in so long. I was now craving it.

Zach followed up behind me. We ate some food and then me and Zach got back in an. Uber and we were now in front of my house. Zach got out with me and walked me to my door step. "Well today was fun." Zach said. "Yeah." I agreed with him. "Can I asked you something?" I asked him. "Sure." "What did you say to Corbyn the day we went to the mall?" I asked him. "I just told him that-" My mom interupted what Zach was gonna say by opening the door.

"Jessica are you coming in?" My mom asked me. "Yea. I'll be right there." I said. "Okay." She went back inside. "Okay well i'm gonna go home. I will be coming over at ten in the morning and you better be ready." Zach said. "Okay." I said laughing.

"Good night Jessica Smith." "Good night Zach Herron." I went inside and walked upstairs I changed into a black loose crop top with some black shorts, and I climbed in bed and went on my phine for awhile before putting it down and going to bed.

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