Chapter 24: Strength, Speed, and Debriefing

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 Ok, I am SO sorry that I have not published in a month! I've just been going through a lot of things, it's crazy. Finals and studying and tests and grades, and then school was out, and I was faced with family problems, too.

So, although it has been FOREVER, and this is a little short, here you are. I PROMISE to write more, and a lot more at that, soon.



Chapter 24: Theo P.O.V

Drifting through endless space, slowly......suddenly, I stopped moving and was gently set down on soft, soft grass......all around me there were trees, and it was night.....the forest moved, it lived, and I was a black wolf that wanted to run through it and explore, to go back to the place where I truly belonged.....

To find the one I loved.....


My mate.....

I awoke from my strange, shifting dreams about the forest and Natalie and sat up.

Only to find that I was sitting naked in the rig room, the rig destroyed and my shredded clothes around me.

I looked at my torn up All-Stars and pouted.

I must have shifted, but couldn't I have taken off my shoes first?! I mean, seriously, I had to have been conscious once in the time I was changing, or was it all pain, or something? Apparently so.....I didn't remember much.

I looked around, and to my surprise I found a new set of clothes and All-Stars (yes!) laying a bit of a distance away from me on the floor. I wondered if James had put them there as I got up to get them.

They were my clothes.....

So that means someone had to go into my room at the house to get them.....

At this realization, I shrieked.

Did Denise see me naked?!

I shoved on my clothes and socks and shoes and shoes and ran up the hallway, needing an answer.

I threw open the floor door, but underestimated my strength and actually ripped it off its hinges and sent it flying across the kitchen cabinet.

As it crashed back onto the floor, I winced.


Still, I dashed up and out of the hallway......

.....Underestimating my speed, and crashed face-first into the kitchen closet door, which of course shattered it into wooden shards, broke it off its hinges, and sent me stumbling and tripping over it and landing a face-plant onto the floor.

Which, surprisingly only dented it.

Thank God I didn't crash through it all the way.....I'm afraid that if I did I would have just kept going down, to the center of the Earth....

I picked myself up and dusted the broken wood and splinters off of me. I had a few cuts, but they were healing.

I turned around and winced again.

The door was shattered and broken beyond repair, part of it still swinging from the broken hinges and making a creaking sound, wood pieces everywhere, and, beyond that, the floor door was resting, cracked, up against the opposite wall from the underground hallway that it was supposed to go over-top of.

 I quietly gathered all of the wood together, stacking it in a pile under the swinging door remnant and the broken hinges. The floor door I picked up and placed nicely over the entrance to the hallway.

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