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A/N: I changed it so it's no one's P.O.V. It might be a little hard for me to write though... bear with me.

Lauren followed her cousin's line of sight and groaned.

"Those are the unofficial 'top bitches' of our school. Basically they are those girls that think they are hot shit because they're rich and attractive so that gives them an excuse to be rude to everyone around them." Lauren motioned to the tallest girl "That's Taylor the queen bee, basically the Regina George of our school. She is pure evil so try not to get on her bad side, or any side at all for that matter."

"What about the other two?" Ally asked, eager to hear more.

"The little brunette one with the bow is Camila, she used to be a total sweetheart all the way up until freshman year. That's when Taylor took her under her wing did evil voodoo or something on her and she came back a complete cunt." Their eyes shifted to the last girl.

"And that's Normani. She is minion #1 but isn't really that mean. Just kinda... snobby. Thankfully she won't do anything to you unless you do something to her first. If you ask me she deserves better friends than those two witches, but hey, she chose who to surround herself with."

For some reason Ally's eyes lingered on the Normani. She wasn't doing anything special, just looking at herself in her locker mirror. But Ally was still entranced by the dark beauty. Her gazing was cut short though, by her cousin continuing to push her along.

"C'mon Ally, jeez whats got your mind in the clouds?" Lauren questioned, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

The other girl didn't answer.


Their next class went by fast, and Ally started to feel like school here wouldn't be so bad. She got to meet a few more of Lauren friends: Zayn and Shawn. Even the teacher, Ms. Furler, was super down to earth. Everything seemed to be going great, all the way up to lunch time.

"So the food here isn't, like, prison food bad, but it's still school food. So, be cautious." Halsey informed the young Latina as they were standing in line. Lauren, who had already sat down, watched her cousin and friend interact and smiled.

The two girls finally got to the front of the line. They were met with two lunch ladies. One had her black hair up in a tight bun. She was squinting through her glasses to try and get a look at them. The second was on the larger side with short light gray hair. They acted as robots, loading the kids' trays as they slid along the metal surface. Ally grimaced as she looked down at her tray. It contained a combination of Mac and Cheese, Mashed potatoes and gravy, and what she assumed was a taco. It was the weirdest combination of food Ally had ever seen in her life, but she didn't say anything. Maybe it was a Florida thing?

She turned to Halsey, "Do you normally get combinations of food like this because if so I'm just gonna-"

"Ally watch out!"


The whole lunch room went silent and a hundred heads turned their way. There, in the middle of the lunch room was a terrified Ally, and a food covered Taylor.

No one dared move as Taylor looked down at her ruined outfit, and the cause for it.

"You little imbecile!" The blonde screeched, trying to wipe some of the mashed potatoes off of her shirt. "This is the newest edition silk Ralph Lauren V-neck blouse! It costs $2000! Judging by your appearance you've never seen that much money in your life."

Ally stayed frozen in fear throughout the girl's rant.

"What's the matter with you?! Are you two slow to comprehend what I am saying or something? here I'll go slower: You. Ruined. My. Outfit. You. Little. Slut."

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