chapter 26

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Lucy's POV:

Rogue and I were facing each other, sweat pouring down our bodies.

I'm not gonna lie, Rogue and I are pretty evenly matched.

Suddenly, I remembered something.

" Rogue, why did you become so cold and heartless. Why did you kill your mother?"

I watched as Rogue stood absolutely still.

No one except Sting, Rogue, and I knew about the second story, the one where Rogue killed his mother in anger.

I watched as Rogue began to shake.

I then realized that he was crying.

He looked at me with eyes full of sorrow, despair, and frustration.

" Blondie, I swear on my life, that I did not take my mother's life. I loved her! After that incident with the travelers, everyone shunned me! Even father and Sting said I was dirty!  Mother was the only one who treated me like a human being! I would NEVER kill her!", He wailed, falling to his knees and sobbing.

Feeling sorry for him, I carefully approached him and wrapped my arms around him.

I felt him bury his face into my shoulder, as he wailed in anguish and pain.

After a few minutes, I heard him continue his story.

"The night before I was banished, I was walking to my mother's bedroom, for she and father had separate rooms because he was sickened by the thought of her loving a dirty man whore, when I heard her scream.
I instantly rushed through the door, to see my father and Sting both holding a knife, but only one was covered in blood. It turns out that father said that they would both stab her at the same time, but lied and caused Sting to kill my mother, because he was too cowardly to do it.
They then shunned me from the kingdom, and threatened my life for my silence."

As Rogue finished his story I felt tears run down my face.

I squoze him harder, and gently rocked him back and fourth, until I felt him fall asleep.

Feeling tired myself, I summoned Leo and Taurus and asked them to  carry us both back to Fairy Tail.

I also asked them to tell the guild that Rogue was a friend not foe.

Then, as the pervy cow picked up Rogue and Leo held me in his arms, I let slumber take me in her gentle embrace.

Natsu's POV:

We had returned to the guild after twelve hours of searching for Luce.

Levy and Gajeel were feeling better and Levy was crying how it was her fault for not protecting Lucy.

I felt like my world was ending, that I had no reason to live anymore.

Knowing Luce, she's not strong enough to take on a foe that strong, that she wasn't strong enough.

I hate to say this, but Lucy is weak. Without me, she is helpless!

I slammed my head against the table and began to mourn for Lucy.

My mate was dead! I had no reason to stay in the human world anymore.

Suddenly, the guild doors opened, revealing a man cow and a man in a suit.

The cow was carrying a man with dark hair, that I immediately recognized as one of Lucy's abductors.

And the man in the suit was holding Luce.

Both were unconscious, but neither seemed to badly injured.

Rushing over to Lucy, I snatched her from the guy in the suit, and softly caressed her face.

The man in the suit frowned at my actions, but began to speak to the guild.

" Mages of Fairy Tail, my master Lucy asked me to tell you that the man Taurus is carrying is not your enemy, but Lucy's friend. So if any harm comes to Rogue, she will personally kick the ass of the person who harms him."

And with that, Taurus set this Rogue fellow down and they both disappeared in flash of gold.

Glaring at Rogue, I instantly felt jealous.

Why does Luce care what happens to this creep! He kidnapped her!

Then, as if a spell were lifted, both Lucy and Rogue woke up at the same time.

Now we can get some answers!
NG out ~😘

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