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She's with me

All of her I see

The inner side of her

All of her secrets I hear.

We perambulated the hallway

Promising together we'll stay

As we enjoy each other's company

And dreamed our own family.

Bracelet she gave

Symbolizes the love she crave

Doves flew above us

Beautiful as she was.

Every night before I sleep

I see to it the bracelet I keep

I look at it with utmost joy

Thinking I'm such a lucky boy.

A friend came to see her

Asking for a date and dinner

She asks permission solemnly

I felt jealous yet I agree.

The day after

I hesitantly told her

"What a nice partner,"

She replied, "We're doing better."

She left and I miss

Forgetting me and the promise

He kissed her in front of my face

Every moment I reminisce.

The bracelet I throw away

She forgets me anyway

What's the use of dreaming?

Even the promise's fading.

Moving on in mind is clear

Hiding the innocent tear

The old self I must redeem

Walking alone, leaving an empty dream.


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