Chapter 1

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Roman Silverback sat at this desk drowning in paperwork.

He'd always liked to stay busy, but sometimes he became a bit over whelmed with it. When he'd lived at home, he remembered how his mother had always pitched in to help his dad. Roman had always thought he would have a wife to help him with his load.

Roman was a dominate male cougar shifter. He knew he'd been born to lead, just as his father had. Yet, right now he had no urge what so ever to leading a bunch of feline shifters!

"Of course, I did at one time, but things change." He muttered as he threw his pen down. Then leaning back in his chair, he folded his hands behind him, and stared out the window.

Back home, his father owned a large spread and helped any shifter who needed a home. Dad took in mostly felines, but he also had a few wolves, bears, even a horse shifter or two! Some might call it a pack, but Roman's dad called it a tribe, the Silverback Tribe. The felines tended to come and go as they liked, free spirits that they are, unless they found a human to love and marry, then they tended to stay. Most other shifters stayed if they were treated well.

Roman had long left that responsibility behind him. Now he was a...rancher? No, more of a land owner.

He nodded to himself, yeah, a land owner. He owned three hundred acres of prime land. Since he was a feline shifter, which tended to scare livestock since they smelled the wild animal in him, he only had a few head of cattle and he had humans to take care of them. The shifters he employed though, they took care of the crops he grew. Either way, he was doing well for himself.

He groaned as he once more stared at the paper work on his desk.

"Paperwork beating you up boss?" A droll voice asked.

Roman glared at the man standing in the office doorway smirking at him. Jamison Dellon, his best friend since grammar school and his right-hand man.

"Don't you have work to do?" Roman questioned.

Jamison chuckled, "Yep, just like you do. It's lunch time though, and the men are in from the fields. Mallory sent me to get you before I go pick Paisley up from work."

Roman shook his head.

Jamison was a cougar shifter like him, and Paisley was his 'mostly' human sister. Their parents were both cougar and confused as to why Paisley had ended up human. She had a few cougar traits but was unable to change forms. Jamison didn't care though, he doted on the girl who had just turned twenty a couple of months back.

Jamison's parents had very little to do with Paisley. Roman figured they were ashamed of her. So, when she graduated two years ago, Jamison had brought her to live with him here on Roman's spread.

"How's she liking her new job?" Roman asked, tapping his pen on the desk.

Jamison shrugged. "Okay, I suppose. You know Paisley, she never complains about anything."

Throwing down his pen Roman stood and stretched. "True, that girl has to be the happiest person I know."

"That's just because you're Mr. Grumpy," snickered Jamison.

"Mr. Grumpy?" Roman questioned with a frown.

"Yeah, that's what she calls you," said Jamison with a smirk.

Roman snorted. "How would she know? I bet she's never said two words to me."

"That's because you scare her away with her grumpiness." Jamison informed him.

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