Chapter 28

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I followed close behind Azreal making sure to stick close to his side. I'm starting to worry about him his strides have gotten a lot shorter and his breaths were short and harsh. I picked up my pace a bit so I was neck and neck with him. He glanced at me and I saw how dual his eyes were. I leaned into him and nudged his side with my muzzle. He licked my ear and nuzzled my cheek. I curled into him and pushed him forward with my head. 

He took a step forward and stumbled. He dropped to the ground before I could stop him. His large body thumped to the hard earth. I quickly dropped next to him and nudged him. I looked into his deep blue eyes and watched in horror as they rolled into the back of his head.  

I let out a whine and pawed at his side. He was out cold. I looked up and around to see if anyone was near us but we were still a ways from the border. I knew if I made any noises it would maybe alert my pack but would most definitely alert Ian and the rest of the light pack.  

I scented the air and I knew that no one was around us. I need to get Azreal out of here and fast. I leaned down and bit the scruff of his neck. I dragged him through the trees for a few feet. My jaw already ached and I wasn't able to move fast. I gently set his head down. I paced trying to figure out how I am going to get him out of here. I looked over his large wolf form. He was larger then me and even in my stronger wolf form he is heavy. Dragging him won't work. I needed to figure this out now. 

I walked back over to him. I had an idea. I rolled him onto his side and quickly shifted into my human form. Not caring that I am now bare ass naked in the middle of the woods. I crouched down onto the ground I pulled Azreal on top of me so that his paws dangled off my sides. I shifted back into my wolf and shifted him around my back. His large head rested on my shoulder. Azreals normal hot body was cooler and I could feel his breaths on my back. They were sorter and shallow. At that I quickly took off towards the border. I ran as fast as I could trying to keep his body from shifting. 

I could feel his blood running through my fur. It was wet and thick. The feel of it made me only made me run harder. After dogging trees for miles we finally reached the border. A few feet into neutral territory I saw my pack. There were cars waiting and wolves standing guard. I let out a howl full or pain and insurgency. Instantly three of my pack mates ran to me. They were at my side in a moment. They leaned into my side to help me support Azreal. 

I ran with them to the side of one of the SUV's. There were a few males that were in human form. They opened the trunk They pushed the third row seats down. They pulled Azreal off my back and set him on the ground for a moment. I quickly shifted into human form. All of my pack mates lowered their eyes and someone handed me some clothes. I pulled on the shorts and shit. I crawled into the trunk and pulled a blanket down across the floor.

"Set him back her. Be careful he is in a lot of pain." 

"Yes Alpha" 

I raised my chin at that and watched as they gently lifted Azreal into the back of the car. I pulled him in and settled him. I got out of the car and turned to my pack. 

"Azreal is badly hurt I need to get him back as fast as possible. I want three cars with me. The two other SUV's will stay and wait for Malik to come back. If he isn't back in an hour search shortly. If you can't find him send one car back and the others will stay to supervise until we can get him out. "

"Yes Alpha" 

"Let's go." I said as I crawled back into the back of the car. I covered Azreal with a blanket. I curled into him and wrapped my body around him. 

Burying my face into his fur. I breathed in the scent of my mate. 


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