Part 19 - Old habits die hard

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Rick and Shane were arguing again, they were always arguing about this, that or the other. I often thought that they would just fight it out and be done with it but no... they would just argue. Now they were arguing about Randell, he had mentioned to Daryl about the group he was with, they were nasty people. Randell mentioned that his group had come across a man and his daughters camp and they... they... I can't even think about it, it was so horrible. These guys mean business and are packed to the teeth. Randell said he had recognised Maggie and knew where the farm was. So, if we were to let Randell go or if he left during the night, he could alert his group and take the farm over, well this was the argument between Rick and Shane.

Their arguing hadn’t stopped since Randell had arrived; I for one didn't have a problem with him, we has just kid and seemed okay. It was just his group I didn't like. Shane stopped locking horns with Rick, turned his heel and walked off, he was heading towards the barn, what was in the barn? all the walkers had been cleared out... I tailed Shane to see where he was going and to tell him to calm the fuck down; he was getting on my nerves! Shane turned the corner and disappeared from view behind the large wooden door that lead to the barn. I crept towards the door to see what he was doing, he was throwing punches at someone… I turned my glance from the door to see Shane hitting someone... torturing someone… it was Randell.

I walked in but Shane hadn't noticed me, I placed the palm of my hand onto my for head in shock at what I was seeing. "Oh Shane..." I was actually speechless, Shane jolted and turned towards me "Jess... you know what could happen if he were to leave right?" I didn't know what to say. "I promise! I won't d-" Randell tried to defend himself, looking at me to help him, Shane punched him hard in the face, his nose began to bleed more and more "Shut up! did I ask you to speak?... NO!" Shane screamed in his face spitting at him as he did. "Shane... a word?" I said calmly and walked outside to wait for Shane to emerge. "Shane... this isn't how we do things... this is cruel" Shane stared at me and began to belt out a hearty chuckle "Haha! I'm the cruel one? you heard what his group did to that camp!" just thinking about it made me sick to my stomach. "What are you gonna do?... just kill him?" I made a joke to see what Shane's reaction was. There was a silence for a moment, Shane huffed and began to speak again "If we have to" I was astounded at what Shane had just said, he was willing to kill an innocent boy on the guess that he might bring his group here? I've had enough, no more death, we've had enough over the last week. I went back to thinking about Dale and James, my heart felt so broken, I held back the tears. "I'm getting Rick" I spun around and began to sprint back to camp to tell Rick what happened, Shane is out of control and I don't know how far he is willing to go.


"Rick!... Rick!" I ran to camp in record time and went straight to Rick to explain what had happened with Shane and Randell. Rick sprinted over to me, as did everyone else. I hunched over to regain my breath, a massive stitch pierced down my side, ugh I'm so unfit. Rick pulled me up to look at him "What's wrong?!?" "Its Shane... he's torturing Randell and threatened to kill him!" I responded like lightening, fast and short as I was still trying to get my breath back, I hunched back over. There was a low hum of voices being exchanged from the group looking to me for answers. I turned to Rick but he was gone, I scanned around where he could be but he was already half way across the field heading towards the barn.

Once again I found myself running towards the barn, I had no energy left, I just wanted to sleep. I Slowed down to a jog and then to a walk until I reached the barn. "He's gone... so is Randell!!!" Rick punched the barn door. What? oh my god he's gonna kill him! "We're going to find Shane. Daryl... Glenn pair up and see if you can track him down...I'll go this way" Rick pointed in on direction then began running that way then disappeared into the woods, Daryl and Glenn did the same. "Let's get back... we have to tell Hershel what's happening" Andrea butted in and gestured us back to the farm house to let Hershel know. I hope the guys weren't out there for long... it was getting dark.


"Carl!... Where's Carl!... I told him to stay in the house and he's gone!" Lori began to panic, she asked everyone but no one had seen him. "Look its too dark to look for him now, maybe he went after Rick?" Andrea tried to reassure Lori that Carl would be okay. "Any news?" T-Dog chimed in making everyone turn to the door, Daryl and Glenn had arrived back, they both had a grim look on their faces. "He was a walker... but he didn't have any bites on him... his neck was broken" Daryl replied back to T-Dogg's question.  We were too late...He wasn't bit and he still came back, it just doesn't make sense. One thing I do know is that Shane has gone off the rails, he's crazy, and Carl might be out there in the dark all by himself. We needed to find Carl.

I needed some fresh air... I left the room but could still slightly hear my group and the Greene family still talking about Shane and Randell. I propped myself into the railing that encased the farm house porch taking in the cool Georgia air, Darkness was falling quick and the moon was already out. While staring out at the near moonlit treeline I could see some movement, I flinched and moved to see who or what it was. It was a person, Rick? Carl?... I squinted my eyes to see what it was but couldn't focus in the low light. I ran to the RV to grab Dale's binoculars then back to the porch again. I placed my eyes before the binoculars and focused them where the movement was by the trees and saw... Oh my god...

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