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(James Blake,
Nathan's P. O. V.

A small smile forms on my lips as I watch Lahlani give order to her staff as the Crowded bakery becomes more chaotic. Letting out a sigh Lahlani makes her way over to me.

"So, how's the first day back?" I smirk. As she takes a seat beside me resting her head on my shoulder.
"Its all coming back to me; It was basically like this everyday the luxuries if owning a bakery. I am wondering how Lilly kept this all under control on her own." She chuckles while staring intently at her new employees that Lilly had hired before she went out to visit Lahlani.

"Okay, everything should stay under control for the next few hours. What was the important thing we came to Arizona for?" She questions raising her eyebrows in question.

Wow I totally forgot about all of that and that is the main reason why we are even out here.

"Well are you ready to go?"

She looks up at me, smiles. Before scooting out of the booth as I follow.

"Does that answer your question?" She asks before heading over to the front desk and speaking with the cashier for a minuet before coming back over to me and walking out the door with me hand in hand. As we make our way to the our rental car.

"Lahlani, baby wake up." I rub Lahlani's arm as she peacefully sleeps. She had fallen asleep during the drive.
God she is such a beautiful sleeper.
I watch as she slowly opens her eyes.

"We're here." I sa as she looks up at me blinking a few times.
Not really wanting to say where we are knowing she's about to ask. I quickly open my door and run around the front of the car and go to the passenger side opening the door for her.

"Thank you." She smiles before looking out at her surroundings.
I stare at her waiting for her to say anything but she doesn't. She just stares.

I wonder if this has triggered anything.

"Nathan? Where are we? What's going on? Who's house is this?" She questions looking up at me. I really can't tell how she's feeling right now.

I clear my throat before grabbing ahold of her soft delicate hands intertwining our finger feeling the usual staticy feeling that brightens my day every time.

"Just... Come on." I say not really knowing how to answer her.

I walk toward the front door with her beside me I pull the two keys from my pocket that Anne had given me ahead of time. Well here goes nothing.
I think to myself as we stand in front of the one story house. So this is where she was before she came to town. I'm not going to lie this house is pretty nice aside from the dead plants and the insects and dirt that are camping out in front of the house. I think to myself as I stare at the nicely built house.

Walking up to the big brown front door put the key into the lock turning the key unlocking the door in the.

"Nathan? I'm serious what's going on? Who's house is this?" She continues on as I push the door open.

I look around the what seems to be the living room being the first room we walk into. Once we are fully inside I shut the door. As she let's go of my hand. Looking at the place in question.

Damn. This place is a disaster what the hell happened here.

I walk around the living room staring at the broken glass on the floor and the pillows to the couches torn and thrown everywhere this is a complete mess.

I watch as Lahlani walks forward down a hall. I follow her.

Only to find her slowly stepping forward into what looks to be the dining room.

Lahlani's P. O. V.

what in the hell happened here? It looks like a tornado went off in here.
I slowly walk over to a hallway staring at the broken picture frames on the floors of the hall. Although I can't make out the faces they are covered in too much glass.

I proceed forward spotting another room. Seeing the kitchen which was connecting to what looks to be a dining room.

Oh my god this looks way way more worse than the living room does. I continue on seeing a picture frame hanging from its last hinges with its glass shattered onto the floor. Of a smiling woman in a dress staring up at a tall man in a way it kinda looked like they were dancing.
I feel my eyes widen staring at who the woman is as I get closer and closer to the picture with every step I take which were not many steps at all.

Oh my god. I think to myself as realization of who it is washes over me. It can't be. That's not who I think it is. In no way possible could that be.

Its me...

Nathans P. O. V.

I watch Lahlani as she stares at a picture. This house looks like a damn war zone it may look pretty on the outside but within; well I have no words.
I let out a sigh as I look around the dining room.

Broken chairs, dirty dishes on the dining room table, glass is literally everywhere, broken pictures. B-... Blood... Dried blood on the honey brown table and blood also on the floor beside the table and more blood a big spot of dried up blood in the middle of the floor. There is even broken dishes on the floor. This place looks like it hasn't been touched in months. Well then again it probably hasn't.

This looks like a crime scene. Then again it is, now that notice the broken caution tape around the room. And remember there being some over by the front door.
Damn. What the hell went on here before Lahlani left?

"No! No no no!" I hear Lahlani scream snapping me out of my thoughts.

I look up in her direction looking for the problem.
Only to see Lahlani frantically backing away looking everywhere in the room but me.

Quickly, I make my way towards her I grabbing onto her making her jolt back and look at me wide eyed in all. "Hey hey, its okay." I try and sooth her. Instantly noticing how heavy she is breathing.

I slowly but gently take her hand again as she again looks everywhere in the room with fear in her eyes and spread across her face.

"Bella, hey everything is okay I'm here... Lahlani talk to me." I demand taking her face in my hands making her look at me.

"No! Please don't hurt me!" She screams flinching back, away from my hands covering her face.

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