Crush ~ Part 9 {D.O/Kyungsoo Fanfic}

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"I mean after the whole elevator situation..." Right....

"Oh uh, I feel better..." Now, what are we suppose to talk about...

You both continued to sit there in silence and you looked up at Kyungsoo and couldn't help but to laugh. You both were able to talk every time you two were around each other but now that you two were on a date everything seemed to be awkward. Shouldn't this be the complete opposite or something?

"What's so funny?" Kyungsoo asks smiling.

"Why are we so awkward around each other all of sudden?" You asked and Kyungsoo awkwardly scratches the back of his neck. Is there something he's not telling you?

"It may be my first date... And I don't want to mess this up," that was the cutest thing you have ever heard. If anything just finding that out, made you even more excited about this little date...

You looked over at Kyungsoo and smiled.

"Just talk to me, it's okay," You said reaching over for his hand and he begins to blush but he nods giving in. If you were willing to give relationships one last try, you wanted to make Kyungsoo was the right one.


"Who were you closer to growing up? Your mom or your dad?" Kyungsoo asks as he grabs the meat with his chopstick putting it on top of his rice and you sat there and thought about it.

"None actually... I mean yes I had parents growing up and they were there to feed me and everything but they never stopped what they were doing just to spend time with me or even show any affection.." You shrugged and Kyungsoo looked at you. You weren't saying this to make Kyungsoo feel bad because everything you were telling him was true.

"Have you ever tried spending time with your parents?" Kyungsoo asks and just as you were about to grab a hold of your rice you had to stop and think about it again.

"There was this one time. I went over to my mother's room and she was talking on the phone but I was going to ask her if she wanted to play with me but she kept telling me to wait so I went to my father and he kept telling me he was busy. So after that, I tried again and they were always busy.. so I never tried again."

Kyungsoo looked surprised. To be honest growing up you lacked receiving love from anybody... And on top of that, you had a boyfriend who never properly loved you well enough.

"Sorry to hear that," Kyungsoo says looking at you but to not ruin the date you smiled.

"It's fine," you said as you began to move your food with your chopstick.

"Were you parents supportive of you being a singer?" You asked Kyungsoo trying to turn the question on him and nods without even thinking twice.

"Surprisingly they were very supportive." It must be nice...

"That's good. It's always good to have your parents by your side." you smiled and you both began to nod to each other. Even though you couldn't really relate, you always had this dream where you knew what it was like to have your parents support you and be by your side.


At last, after talking among yourselves, the both of you finished your meal and finished trying to get to know one another. After the both of you being so awkward around each other, you two eventually calmed down and continued to talk getting to know each other more and more.

"I want to show you something," Kyungsoo says grabbing your hand and as you two were basically touching each other, you began to feel more butterflies than you have before. Although you did hate surprises, for some odd reason you were excited about this one.

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