Crush ~ Part 9 {D.O/Kyungsoo Fanfic}

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"I don't remember falling in love with you. I just remember holding your hand and realizing how much it was going to hurt when I would have to let go."

Summary: You're Kai's best friend and you've been invited to stay with them for a little while they are on tour. You expect just normal visit where you spend some time with your best friend that you grew up with and have fun... However little do you know, feelings get developed from someone in the group....

What will happen?


"What is all this?" You asked as you looked at the fireflies lights all around a big tall tree and a table with a table hovering over it and two plates with a candle in the middle.

"Have fun on your date," Kai says as he winks at you and you continued to stare at him confused as hell.

Date? What does he mean by date?

You watched him walk away and you looked back at the table and found Kyungsoo standing behind it smiling with his arms behind his back.

Your mouth dropped.

What's going on...


"What is all of this?" You asked Kyungsoo unable to really say much and you noticed him slowly walking over to the table.

"A date... I mean if you want it to be..." Kyungsoo says shyly and you couldn't help but to instantly smile. Wow, what just happened? Is this real life or are you suddenly dreaming.... Whatever it is... It was definitely going to be an unforgettable experience.

You never expected Kyungsoo to have a romantic side. Or to even surprise you with a little date after that little incident the two of you had. You honestly thought maybe Kyungsoo was still mad about the whole Chanyeol and your incident but seems like he must have gotten over it...

"I thought you were mad at me.." You couldn't help but blurt out and Kyungsoo smiles.

"Chanyeol explained everything to me. I'm sorry for not listening." So does that mean Chanyeol told Kyungsoo about my crush? Does he know you feel the same? Whatever Chanyeol said... You were thankful.

You approached the table closer and you couldn't help but forgive him. After all, he was making it up by even setting up a dinner for the two of you. He had someone pick you up just to drop you off this little date he prepared.

"You can make it up by sharing some of this food." You said making Kyungsoo smile widely and he walked over where you were standing and pulled out a chair.

"For you," Kyungsoo says looking directly at you. YYou were impressed. You've never had a guy go out his way to pull out the chair for you during dinner. There was a first for everything.

"Thank you," you said sitting down on the chair and became a blushing mess.

Kyungsoo lightly pushed your chair in and walked his way to his chair and was now sitting in front of you. For some reason just looking up at Kyungsoo face to face, you began to have butterflies in your stomach and felt even more nervous than you were feeling a couple of minutes ago.

".. Um.. so.," you blurted out awkwardly smiling down scared not to sound stupid or make this date awkward... But it was already awkward enough.

"How are you feeling?" Kyungsoo says cutting you off and you quickly shook your head a bit and looked at him slightly confused.

"Huh?" You blurted out and he smiled.

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