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❝Now there's a look in your eyes,

Like black holes in the sky. ❞

~Pink Floyd

It started with a Bang.

Like the sound a bullet makes as it ricochets out of the tip of a gun, like the shooting of a star a million galaxies away. The noise was captured, amplified, resounded around the darkness of chaos. Into the center of the mass of intertwined nothing, and at the same time there was an infinite gathering of everything.

The singularity came next; that which bends reality. It defies physics. It defies gravity. The anti to every rule scientists threw across the blackboard.

Like clouds of chalk, the universe was murky with the beginnings of everything. It was spiraling out of control, reveling in the biggest explosion in the history of the universe.

And in the midst of all the pandemonium,

there was creation.

Creation stems from imagination. Imagination is merely the essence of dreams.

And so I dreamt.


don't be mad- it's short

'tis the prologue

the next chapter is already written

tell me what you think!!!

about the vid too please~

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