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Hi, Book 1 of The Unknown World is now finished!  These following chapters will be some extra notes that I took while creating this story. Each chapter will introduce one of the nine factions of Earth excluding the UNSC. This note will contain a list of weapons that were used by our main characters during the story. There will also be a timeline of the major events in this arc. Hope you enjoy!

Timeline (Major Events):

1997: Colonization and Terraforming of Luna and Mars by the UNSC

2000: First contact with the UNSC

2001: Lucania's birth

2012: First contact with the Unknowns on April 9, 2012, beginning of the Unknown Invasion, hibernation pods activated, the formation of the new EU and new Chinese Federation

2013: Formation of the USNA, new United Nations, new Russian Federation, the Unknown artificial land created in the Pacific code-named Infernum, the creation of the United Korean Peninsula after the unification of the two Koreas.

2014: Taiwan independence and addition to the United Nation, South-East Asian Alliance established

2015: Formation of the Confederation of South America, the establishment of the World Highschool Championships

2016: formation of the Indo-Persian Union

2017: formation of the Arab-North-African League

2019: formation of the Union Fleet

2020: Formation of the Northern-Pacific Frontline that surrounded Infernum

2027: Activation of hibernation pods in Unknown hands

2030: End of Unknown Invasion, the creation of the United Earth Government, terrorist attack on Geneva

2031: Former Alpha Squad members attend Taipei United Earth School, UNSC withdraws from Earth 



o BR-66 Battle Rifle

o MA5D Assault Rifle

o M6F Pistol

o M390 DMR

o M7A Submachine Gun

o MA2E Carbine

o M92D CAWS (Shot Gun)

o SRS102S3AM (Sniper Rifle System 105 Series 5 Anti-Material)

o M415A3 Minigun

o C-8 Foaming Explosive

o Type-25 Plasma Pistol (Plasma Pistol)

o Type-50 Sniper Rifle System (Particle Beam Rifle)

o Type-30 Directed Energy Rifle (Plasma Rifle)

o Type-51 Carbine (Carbine)

o Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher (Needler)

o Type-52 Special Application Rifle (Focus Rifle)

o G18 Automatic Pistol

o FN57 Pistol

o SCAR-L Assault Rifle

o UMP45 Submachine Gun

o Uzi

o MP5 Submachine Gun

o G36 Assault Rifle

o SIG556 Assault Rifle

o M4A1 Rifle

o M107 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle



o BR-55 Battle Rifle

o BR-88 (HBSR) Battle Rifle

o M392A Designated Marksman Rifle

o M398A Designated Marksman Rifle

o M20D PDW

o M7D Caseless Submachine Gun

o M7S Caseless Submachine Gun (Silenced)

o MA5E Assault Rifle

o MA38 ICWS (Assault Rifle)

o M95A CAWS (Shot Gun)

o SRS105S5AM (Sniper Rifle System 105 Series 5 Anti-Material)

§ 15.2mmX116mm

o M320 Individual Grenade Launcher

o M360 Remote Projectile Detonator

o C-7 Foaming Explosive

o C-12 Shaped Charge

o M1700 Flame Thrower

o M424A5 Minigun

o M285H Heavy Machine Gun

o M45 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Launcher

o Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-950 (Railgun)

o M8 Galilean Nonlinear Rifle (Spartan Laser)

o Type-54 Directed Energy Pistol (Plasma Pistol)

o Type-27 Special Application Sniper Rifle (Beam Rifle 2.0)

o Type-51 Directed Energy Rifle (Plasma Rifle)

o Type-55 Directed Energy Advanced Rifle (Storm Rifle)

o Type-31 Needle Rifle (Needle Rifle)

o Type-56 Guided Munitions Launcher (Needler)

o Type-57 Carbine (Carbine)

o T-1 Energy Sword

o Type-1 Plasma Grenade

o Type-2 Antipersonnel Frag Grenade

o Type-3 Antipersonnel Incendiary Grenade

o Type-53 Plasma Bolt Launcher (Plasma Caster)

o Type-50 Directed Energy Heavy Rifle (Concussion Rifle)

o Type-52 Guided Munitions Launcher (Plasma Launcher)

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