Chapter 32

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For feature refrences: M/N: Middle Name

Your Pov

As I kept falling,a light came out of my miraculous,shooting upwards towards the tip of the tower.An explosion was heard and  suddenly, a beam of light came right at me.

It wrapped around me and soon enough,I was on the ground, harmless.I was shocked,breathing deeply and looking around.

I was alive...

My miraculous started beeping but I didn't care.No one was around so I was safe."Y/N!"A shout of my name made me look up,to see Chat coming down,a unconscious Ladybug in his arms.

I smiled tiredly as he landed.He had tear stains under his eyes as he stared at me.He placed Ladybug down and picked me up, crashing me in a hug.

"DON'T YOU EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT!!!I-I thought,I lost you."

He whimpered.I smiled sadly,but quickly pulled away,my fingers, wrapped around his delicate face."Silly kitty.I told you that I would be fine didn't I?"

And with that said,a blue light flashed and I was back to my civilian form.Ash laid exhausted on my shoulder,snuggling with my hair."I want my fruit please!"

We both laughed at him."You deserve it Ash!We all deserve it."A groan was heard from beside us and another flash, of pink blinded us.

We both gasped as we found out who Ladybug really was."M-Marinette?!?"It made perfect sense. From when she found out about Adrien to when she went missing.

"W-what happened?"She was affected from the akuma so she didn't remember anything.I smiled at her and looked at Chat.

"I think Chat can explain that to you and might as well take you home."I pointed out and he nodded,agreeing."I'll...I'll see you later then."With that,I started walking off,heading home to feed Ash.

Chat Noir Pov

I took a deep breath and extended my hand to her.She took it unsure.I smiled sweetly."Don't be scared Marinette.Common,let's take you home."

I carried her and took her to her balcony.I landed,letting her climb off me.She kept her gaze on the floor, trying to avoid me."Um t-thank you Chat Noir..."

I looked at her guiltily.I felt awful.She placed her arms on her railing, staring at the Eiffel Tower.I went beside her."Why don't I explain the situation to you,bugaboo?"

Her eyes went wide as I called her by her hero nickname."How did you-""You detransformed in front of us Marinette..."

She sighed,tearing her pupils from mine and continued star gazing."You got akumatized...because you learnt that Y/N was Tigress.You shouted some...nasty words at her and,you also got mad because she...stole me from you,in some way."

I could see that she was about to cry.I wrapped an arm around her shoulder,rubbing her back comfortingly.

"Once you got akumatized, you were able to steal Y/N's miraculous,but she took it back after some yelling.  But um...after getting pissed by that,you flew off to the tower and you punched me at the other side of the tower."

"As Y/N started panicking about pushed her off the edge."

Tears streamed down her face as I explained."I-is she alright?" She was worried."Thankfully she is.She had managed to use her special power,which cleansed the akuma and saved her."

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