Chapter Seventeen: Some kind of lead

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Emma’s POV

I sat on the wall outside the inn the sun shining down upon me. Van has gone to get Zana. I got up as some kids ran by screaming and having fun. One of them came up to me. “Hey can you hold one of the ends of the rope?” she asked me sweetly.

“Of course I can,” I said as I took one of the edges of the ropes and one of the children took the other side. The girl who asked me to hold it stepped right next to the rope. I and the other child began to swing the rope and the girl began to skip.

“Emma,” called Van who came towards me with Zana, a boy who looked a little like Zana and another person who looked exactly like Van. Van had warned me he has a twin brother, so I didn’t find this odd or anything. The other boy is Zana’s brother Andrew.

“I’m sorry I have to go now,” I said as she stopped skipping, I let go of the rope and ran over to them.

“I’m sorry Emma,” said Zana.

“I’m sorry too. I gave up and I shouldn’t have done that,” I said to her.

“Neither should of I given up either,” said Zana bringing me into a hug.

“You two can’t give up,” said Van.

“I know that now,” I and Zana said at the same time. We both started to laugh.

“You can do it,” said San.

“I don’t know how though,” said Zana.

“Me either. We still have no idea how to even find them,” I added.

“You must trust in your knowledge to find them. The bond between you and your knowledge will be what will find them and nothing else. No one can help you, not even us from now on. You have to do this on your own,” said Van.

Zana looked at me. We are back to square one but we have to just have faith we can do this and don’t give up. It nearly ruined our relationship and we don’t want that. Well I don’t want that and I hope Zana don’t want that either. I have faith Zana and I can do this. We just need to try and join our bond; our knowledge together and then we may find them.

“What about your quest, Andrew?” Zana asked her brother.

“It’s nearly complete but not as of yet. I must continue on my way sister but we will see each other very soon,” he smiled giving Zana a hug before he and San walked away.

“Is this goodbye?” I asked Van.

“Just for now but not for long ok,” said Van before he leaned in and we kissed each other.

“I love you Van,” I said to him.

“I love you too,” he said before he also walked away leaving me and Zana alone. We only have each other and that is all we need to complete this quest. We can find the lost tribe, we just need to search a little bit harder that’s all.

“Which way should we head?” asked Zana.

“Well we came from that direction. I would think to head in the direction we would have gone. I know it’s not much to go on but it’s our best bet and I have a good feeling we are meant to keep heading in that direction,” I said to Zana.

“What we waiting for then. Let’s go,” smiled Zana. I nodded to her before I took her hand and we sped out of the village and on route. Ok so maybe not on route but I have a good feeling we are going the right way. I’ve not had that before so let’s hope my feeling is right and we are getting ever closer to finding the lost tribe.

Unknown POV