Chapter 4

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I stood, afraid, in front of the throne. I was too apprehensive to look up - I had a guess who would be there, and I didn't want to know if I was right.

"B-Beck?" Someone called. I knew who that voice belonged to but I couldn't place it.

"Where is Karma?" I asked. "If it's me he wants, let him kill me."

"That's not how it works, Beckham!" Someone else called. I whipped around to face the voice - Jaycen.

"It has to!" I shouted, tears running down my face. "I can't let them die!"

"You can't do anything to stop it! Get away from her, now!" He called back. I fell to my knees, unable to find the strength to move away.

I was suddenly wracked with pain, white light surrounding me blindingly. All I could hear was a scream, her scream, tearing my mind apart and prohibiting my powers. I heard many people calling my name... No, one person, but it echoed so loudly I could barely tell. The pain slowly faded to numbness, and I closed my eyes in preparation for death...

"Beckham?" I heard, as someone shook me. "Please wake up..."

I carefully opened my eyes to see Grace beside me. Her eyes were green and she had black hair; she looked just like me on Soryx as well.

"I'm fine," I sighed in annoyance. I was still standing. I rolled my eyes and walked away from her, emotion building up inside me. "I just had a vision, don't be stupid."

"A vision?"

"Yeah. Didn't your Mother tell you about your crazy brother?" I said bitterly, ensuring I said her mother. I wouldn't see her as mine in a million years.

"No..." She replied quietly. "Until you transported us here, as far as I knew, Father was the only crazy one."

"He wasn't crazy!" I shouted angrily. "He had magic, okay? We weren't... I'm not..." I trailed off as I realized how crazy I really did sound right now. Maybe the demons will go easy on us if we plead insanity? I mused to myself, before turning my attention back to the problem at hand. "I saw another world, in our future. That must be where we need to go."

I had directed the last part at Jaycen, hoping he knew what I was talking about. He nodded slowly, eyes widening in recognition - I hoped. He opened the leather bound journal in his hands, scanning a page quickly and snapping it shut again.

"Byrinthia!" He shouted excitedly.

"Bless you?" Isaac guessed, laughing. Mason stifled a laugh, but I simply glared.

"What is that?" I asked Jaycen. He smiled, stepping toward me.

"Byrinthia is the demon realm! That must be where they are," he said confidently. "Do you think you can make a portal there?" I shook my head.

"I've only ever made a portal to somewhere I've been, I barely know how to create one in the first place." I sighed.

"You could try!" Jaycen said, radiating positivity. "I'm sure you can do it!" I hated how positive he was, how much energy he had, how he assessed problems. I hated him, but he had no negative qualities. So why do I hate him so much? "Beckham?"

"What?" I asked, bringing myself back to the situation. "I mean, sure. Yeah." I stood back to attempt, until I remembered something. "Jaycen, why can't you do this?" I wondered. Jaycen wrung his hands, looking down.

"I... Don't have any powers." He confessed.

"What?" I exclaimed. How was he supposed to help us if he couldn't do anything?

"It is inscr-" He paused, taking a deep breath as I glared once more. "The journal says that I should have them by now, but I have nothing." I ran a hand down my face, frustrated. "I believe I can still be of use, however."

"How's that?" I asked, monotone.

"I am a Knight. I have been trained to protect others, and I have learned many trades. I can assist you in your mission so long as I am not prohibiting advancement."

"Yeah, okay." This guy talks like he's a hundred years old.

"Do you need space to attempt creating a portal?" Jaycen asked politely. How can he be so polite all the time? Isaac and Mason were laughing about something, and Chanson and Cowyn were deep in conversation. I already had space, besides Grace and Jaycen. I nodded anyway, and they both walked a short distance from me.

I thought back to the vision, focusing on the scene around me. It was more difficult than I'd hoped, as my mind begged to wander to darker thoughts; was that my death? I remembered how vividly I'd seen the bright light around me, how intensely I'd felt the emotions and pain. It felt like the end of... Something. Me?

Shaking my head to dislodge the negative thoughts, I focused once again on Byrinthia. However, as I recalled the vision, I couldn't recall the setting. I couldn't recall the way it looked, the way it felt, any of it. I couldn't recall anything but pain, both emotional and physical. My mind was stuck where it was, and my thoughts plummeted. I felt my emotions penting up and clenched my fists to keep my magic from releasing it all. I wasn't sure what would happen, and I wasn't eager to find out. Unfortunately for me, I found out regardless.


That's all I could see - all anyone could see, for a few moments - blinding purple light, encasing our world and changing it before our eyes. I felt the emotion leaving me, felt the magic draining my energy, felt the pain that consumed my mind before.

When the light finally faded, we clearly weren't on Soryx anymore. I looked around the desolate place, black rock and red rivers as far as I could see. Everyone was lying on the ground around me, unmoving. What have I done? 

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