A few weeks had past and it was now two weeks before Playlist Live and two weeks until I got to see Joe again. That day I met up with a load of Youtubers that I already knew and some Youtubers who I had met recently at a restaurant to come up with a perfect plan. Around the table were Alfie, Zoe, Marcus, Niomi, Chai (who wasn't going but really wanted to help anyway), Caspar, Jim, Tanya, Louise and Louis. Caspar informed me that Joe is at a fake magazine interview that he had organised to stop him getting suspicious about the load of Youtubers meeting each other without him. "First of all, I'd like to thank you all for coming and helping me, it's so lovely to know that you all care about mine and Joe's reunion. Okay, so firstly, traveling, when shall I fly to Florida?" I started. Niomi had the answer to that question "Me and Jim and Tan have to go a bit later than the others so you can come with us!" She smiled. I nodded and wrote it down on the little notepad I had. "Okay, location?" I carried on. They all looked around and had individual conversations until they came up with a solution. "You can come with the other fans to the convention centre when Me, Joe, Alfie, Jim and Caspar are doing our meet up." Marcus informed me. "Yeah like you can wait until everyone's gone and when you get the signal and when he's not looking you can come in and one us can say to him 'There's someone we've missed out, although I think you've already met.' and boom, reunion!" Alfie added. I agreed and noted it down. After the small details were sorted, like hotel rooms, it was time for Tanya, Zoe, Louise and Niomi to plan my outfit and makeup for me.

"Right girls, this is going to be a huge thing so, of course, my appearance will be very important." I laughed. They all nodded. "Me and Niomi will sort out clothes, and Tan and Zoe do you want to talk through make up and hair?" Louise asked. They agreed. Louise and Niomi were whispering ideas to each other before they both high fived each other and told me their idea. "So your outfit needs to be casual but also it has to be very pretty. There's this beautiful white a-line dress with a floral pattern on in Forever 21 up on Oxford Street that will look stunning on you, then you can wear those coral flat shoes you got from Miss Selfridge. Niomi do you want to go through jewellery and bag?" Louise explained. Niomi nodded and said "Firstly there's this pretty flower golden bracelet in Jane Norman, then you could bring your gorgeous floral Ted Baker clutch bag that your parents got you, there's then some gold and white butterfly earrings that drop down and a daisy necklace from Dorothy Perkins and finally to put in your hair you can wear a pink flower crown that you have at home!" I smiled widely, the outfit couldn't sound more perfect, plus it gave me an excuse to go to go Oxford Street. Zoe and Tanya then took over with the make up and hairstyles. "Makeup! I think we should stick to pinks and spring colours to match your outfit. So I'll do different shades of pink of your eyes and do a smokey effect on it, then I'll let you do your usual flick and I think a coral pink lipstick that matches your shoes will finish it off nicely." Tanya suggested excitedly. I agreed. "I think for your hair as it's naturally wavy, I will just do some pretty loose curls. Then I could leave your side fringe as it is but straighten it a little to bring the layers out more." Zoe told me. I nodded. I loved all the girl's ideas, it sounded so pretty and I hoped that Joe will like it. "I'm so excited!" I beamed. Everyone cheered and we had lunch discussing different things we could do and how we thought Joe would react.

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