Author note

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Hey guys,

I'M BACK! as you know I've been changing the story and it might be a little different from before. I read all your comments and take that as good things. I made a few changes and I recommend you to read it again cause it is a bit different. ENJOY!

Please be patient while reading it. I promise it is it a good story.

I really hope that this book can get a full support from all of you guys. Make this book hit and I know you guys can do it.

Thanks and enjoy this book 😊.

I hope you don't write such rude or harmful comments. I know there's a lot of grammar mistakes in it. I know it. I'm not perfect, that's why. So hope you understand.

P.s : As you know, English is not my first language.. so, There'll be a lot of grammar mistake in this story but don't worry I'll try and edit it slowly to make it better soon..

*also if you feel uncomfortable with the characters then you should stop reading.


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