Chapter 6-Engaged

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"Why would I be?" I said controlling my moan

"Good, submit the estimation report of our indonesian project before evening" with that he left my cabin leaving my confused soul more confused

Deepika's POV

It took me 4hours to complete the estimation report it was 7 in the evening many of the employees left. Now I need to go see the devil.

His floor is completely empty except for the devil's cabin

knock knock

"come in" he didn't even look up to see who it was

"Estimation report sir " this time he looks up from his MacBook screen to meet my eyes. His face is void of emotions and gone the playful attitude. He looks as if he is gonna kill someone this moment.

When I was about to leave he asked " What is your cost"

"Excuse me, sir, what??"

"For how much money will you sell my company finance details to my competitors"

"What the fuck, I wouldn't do it at any cost. I have certain ethics which include always being loyal to my employer"

"Okay, " he said turning his attention back to the computer screen

"Okay. that's it" I asked quite pissed

"yaa that's it, you may leave"

I left the place quite confused. it has been just three days in NewYork and I feel I'm losing my sanity


I didn't see Mr.Marriott after his investigation in his office two days ago. When I asked Tina she said he is working from home for few days. Tina invited me for lunch with her kids tomorrow

At last, after a meeting with my department, I reached home. you might be thinking finally I can rest but no I cant ......wondering why? ......well I have a party to attend

My boss has thrown a success party of our recent acquisition and being head of the department its mandatory for me to attend. Tina said she will pick me at 8 pm

It took me 2 hrs to get ready.Tina picked me at 8 and as soon as we entered the party we are greeted by many people from office

But my eyes are searching for Mr.Marriott. He came to the party at 9:30 with a company more specifically a girl. She is looking beautiful in her royal blue dress. Mr.Marriott is introducing her to people at a party and the way she is clinging to him is giving me an uneasy feeling.

Juliette Mitchell

    Juliette Mitchell

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