chapter thirty-two

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I sat in the dorm looking over the notes Hazel and Annabeth wrote for me. It was getting late and the others had still not found Nico. To say I was worried was an understatement but right now I knew that I would be best if I stayed away from him. I didn't want They to hurt him. I was nervous about tonight as I knew he'd take control again, I also knew that asking about what I could and couldn't tell the others might not go down well. I dropped the papers onto my desk tears filling my eyes, I didn't want to hurt anyone or to be controlled by anyone and here I am running like a coward from everyone because I don't want They to hurt me. He was right I am pathetic. I wanted to know more about what that box did but I knew that as soon as They entered my mind that he would know everything I did or do...? Grammar is not my main concern right now. I need to prepare for what They might make me do. I stood up slowly and Pulled on a pair of socks and shoes remembering how sore my feet were last time. I sighed as I slumped into my bed, I just want to get this over and done with.

Hello, Will, it's nice of you to anticipate me.

Shut it.

Now that wasn't very nice.


Now come on don't be like that, you are the one that is in the wrong. Anyways I'm not here for boring chitchat, you have some questions correct?


Well, ask away... if you dare.

What can I tell the others and what can't I?

There was no need for playing around the question he'd know if I was.

Well, you can tell them as much or as little as you please but bear in mind the consequences. I do, after all, control you. 

I nodded as my vision faded into a void of darkness and flashing scenes. 

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