Games [Karma Akabane]

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Karma was a professional gamer, he always won at many games. You however lost in Karma. The red head sadist loved watching you crying as you get defeated everytime.

No matter what it was from picking up the most rubbish to swimming the fastest. Somehow that boy would seem to win.

You decided to change this and win for once. No matter how much you begged, Karma wouldn't let you win. If you did it was a fluke which was rarely. Sitting on the couch next to Karma as he tapped on his phone quietly.

"Karma! Lets play on the Xbox!" you chimed as you tried to get the phone off his hand. You snatched the phone from his phone and now you had his full attention.

"What the fck F/N, I was talking to Koro~sensei!" the red head growled.

You placed the phone on the table and bought out the Xbox controllers, handing one to your boyfriend. "I never knew you were so eager to play with me today~" A small hue of red slowly appeared on your face. "Baka! I'll beat you!"

You sat next to Karma, resting your head on his shoulder. Karma was surprised by how close you were and the sudden contact. His face a very red as he watched your peaceful face as you tried to beat him.

You and Karma decided to play a pvp battle. 'Get ready for the game to start! 3, 2 ,1!'. You grinned as you started to play. Karma was very shocked how you were very good today but something seemed off.

You were doing moves he would usually do, there was no way you could have mastered them in a day or two. You tried to hide your smirk as you burried your head into his shoulder.

'Round 1, U/N wins!' happy, winning for the first time without Karma going easy. Karma looked at you he was very confused how could you become a really good gamer. "I demand a round two!" your boyfriend whined annoyed.

'Round 2, U/N wins again!' you punch a fist into the air as you beat Karma again. The red head not happy about the results turn to you. A demon tail and horn appear making you shiver.

"F/N~channn, how did you beat me!" the sadist sly speaks as he examines your controller. "I have magic powers!" you grinned back not telling the truth. "Fine last round." the male pouted.

As the game started Karma continued to play, instead his attention was more focused on you. You were looking at the screen, in the corner of your eye you were watching Karma's finger movements.

Karma decided to see if you were copying him, changing styles, you did too. The red head smirked as he watched you try and copy his delicate moves. Soon the game ended with you loosing the third round but winning the whole game.

"I know how you bet me," the red head smirked as he watched you figure out.

"You decided to rest your head against my shoulder so you could see what I was doing."

"Baka! Why would I look up to you?" you shrieked denying the fact.

"Yea right, if you were that smart you wouldn't have deleted that character!" the male looked at you amused.

Looking at the screen your level 193 character was deleted and so as Karma's. 'I'll get you next time you little.'  Turning around Karma was now gone. 'Hahaha I can delete his character now!' you deleted your character.

Then it just hit you, Karma was using one of your characters the whole time and you were using your own. You had deleted your level 302.

"DAMN YOU KARMA!!" you screamed as Karma hid behind the couch trying to stifle his giggles.

"I'll get you next time!"


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