Time [Karma Akabane] (REQUEST)

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Requested by @ordinarygrrk4ever

I hope you enjoy this lol. To be honest writing about Karma and Asano Angst is the best.

Today it's going to be fluff? How to tell if it's fluff?


"KARMA WHERE THE FRICK IS (D/N)'S JACKET?" You shouted as you rummaged through the wardrobe.

"Geez calm down!" the male sighed.

Recently, your daughter had turned 1 and it was a very busy time. She was beginning to crawl all over the house.

This gave you less time to spend with Karma. You rarely got some alone time and was always stressing out.

Today, one of your colleague's offered to look after your child for free, so you could spend a peaceful day with Karma. Many days with sleepless nights and dark circles under your eyes.

Karma wasn't helping at all. You would think he was some smart husband who could do anything but whined when changing your daughter's diapers.

"Why did I even marry you?" you questioned as you found (d/n)'s jacket.

"You love me," Karma smirked as his hands snaked around your waist. Leaning on your back as he watched you struggle. Shaking him off, you went to find (d/n)'s.

"Come on (d/n) stop hiding from me, I haven't got all day." you walked towards the infant bed and there was your daughter sleeping quietly.

You slowly picked her up, trying not to wake her up. Carrying her towards the door, the door bell rang. "Coming," you shouted as you walked towards the door with your daughter.

Opening the door your colleague smiled, behind her was a small boy about the age of 5 who looked very shy.

"Hello there (y/n)! This is my son Kouki he's going to be join (d/n) today."

You thanked (colleague's name) and handed (d/n) to her, "I hope this didn't trouble you at all."

"No worries, I'm free today! I hope you can spend some time with Karma," winking (c/n) left with (d/n). Breathing in you closed the door sighing, freedom for one day. You walked towards the living room sitting down as you took a moment to relax until... it was ruined.


"(y/n), I'm so bored."

"Go away."

"Can we do something special?" Karma grinned as he tried to hide his laugh, you knew where this was going, "Please our family is so lonely. We need more kids."

"Says the one who doesn't really look after them."

"Fine. Can we do something fun?"

"Paper, scissors, rock whoever wins chooses." you punched a fist into the air.






You won the paper scissor rock game. It was a traditional in the household if you wanted to argue you would have to do the game. You and Karma were going to teach your daughter when she grew up.

Sitting on your bed you leaned on Karma's shoulder as he held the photo book of both of your child hood. Mainly consisting of embarrassing photos of 3E and you as a couple. 

"Wow you were so ugly in primary school." you teased as you flipped to the next page of the photo album.

"So mean (y/n)," Karma whined.

"You're actually very hot," you mumbled.


"Shut up!"

Flipping through the photo book there was one particular photo that caught your eye. A 3E class photo with Koro~sensei. You placed your hand over the photo, silently crying for the octopus who was once a great teacher.

That teacher taught you many things. From education to many random things. He was the best teacher in the world. Nobody could have asked for more. Karma placed his hand over yours and gave a reassuring squeeze.

"It's okay," he smiled at you. Wiping your tears away with him finger.

"I'm not crying!" you sqealed, "Tsundere." you heard your husband chuckle.

You grabbed the pillow next to you on the bed hitting Karma on the head, "My beautiful red hair is ruined."

You laughed as you continued to hit him with your pillow. It was also a tradition playing a pillow fight.

"Let me get my wasabi kit," Karma stood up placing the photo book on the ground, looking under the bed to find his kit.

"Where is it?" taking this your chance you hit him on the head. Karma was annoyed, grabbing his pillow his defended himself, using the pillow as a shield. His assassination skills were coming in handy.

After minutes you were worn out. Sighing the sky darkened, you remembered that (d/n) would be stay at (c/n)'s house.

"Come on (y/n)," you pouted sitting on the bed pretending to be sad.

"What's wrong?" Karma came closer putting his pillow down, you took this as a chance and picked up your pillow and whacked him in the face, "(YYYY/NNNN)!"

"I'm ready for a round 2 game on." the red head smirked as he got his pillow, holding it as a shield.

"The night is young and so are we, game on!" you laughed, this was music to his ears. You had rarely had time to spend with Karma and tonight was your special night. You both knew that something else would happen after a pillow fight.

"I'm ready for the night," the male smirked.

"Me too."



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this close to ending this assclass book. PM or comment down for request because I've got no ideas.... 0 ideas.... too many drabbles.... too many drafts...

- Kuuro

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