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"Nena, it's time to get up" Lauren cooed softly, peeling the blankets off of the thin girl.

Camila let out a small whine, turning her head away and suckling a few times on her pacifier before going back to sleep.

"C'mon angel, it's time to get out of bed" Lauren smiled, pushing the covers down a bit further and starting to rub the small girl's bare back.

She'd slept in just her diaper the night before, complaining that pajamas would make her too hot, and she liked the way the soft sheets felt against her skin.

Laure had let her do it with a smile, enjoying the feeling of the little girl cuddled up into her arms, and being able to rub little circles on her back and tummy without her shirt getting in the way.

She knew Camila loved it as well, especially the tummy rubs when Lauren got just under the waistline of her diaper, and rubbed soft circles right below her bellybutton all the way up to right under her chest.

Camila stirred a little bit, groggily lifting her head up and starting to suckle again.

"There she is! My pretty little girl" Lauren cooed, pulling her girl up by her under arms, and gently situating the sleepy girl onto her hip.

"I wan' go to s'eep" Camila whimpered, voice coming out a little bit muffled by the binkie she was still suckling on.

"Oh I know princess, but mama wanted to have a nice long morning with you before I leave" Lauren whispered, walking into the nursery and laying the girl down onto the changing table.

She'd felt the small girl's still warm diaper when she'd carried her, so Lauren assumed she'd gone potty right before the woman had come in to wake her up.

"Can you lift your hips for me doll? We gotta get your panties onto that little tush" Lauren smiled, helping her feet into each hole and pulling them up her legs.

Camila sleepily lifted, letting Lauren pull the underwear up onto her hips. She slipped a sweater on her as well, since she wanted the girl to be at least a little covered, while still being comfortable.

"Good girl baby, you're being so good this morning" The green eyed woman cooed, pulling the girl up again and starting to walk down the stairs.

Usually, she'd let Camila walk down on her own, but on most mornings, the small girl was just too sleepy to bother, and always seemed to lay limp in the woman's arms until it was time to eat.

"Why don't you go get your baby while I get us some breakfast alright?" Lauren said, setting the girl down on her feet and gently pushing her towards her toys.

Camila immediately went to her baby doll, lifting it out of the toy crib and starting to bottle feed it. She watched the milk in the bottle disappear, bringing her hand up to sleepily rub at her eye.

She was confused on why mama had woken her up so early, spotting the clock on the mantle. It was just passed 7, and usually Lauren wouldn't wake her up until about 9.

Realizing Lauren was leaving in only a few hours, the small girl sprang up, running into the kitchen and hugging Lauren from behind.

The woman jumped, nearly dropping the spatula she'd been using to make the omelettes.

"Woah baby doll, what's got you so energetic all of a sudden hm?" Lauren chuckled, turning the stove off and putting the spatula down.

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