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You say that the only reason you're doing this is for my own good.

You tell me what you deem as safe.

I know, you're a parent.

You speak from the heart.

You have more experience, you know what you're doing.

The physical safety of your children come first.

Although, I present to you this, do you understand your own child's mental safety?

Do you know if what you're doing is damaging them?

Do you know if maybe my actual life as a whole isn't quite..the perfect life you assumed?

Maybe I have been cornered with people breaking everything I once held dear.

Maybe the people I once trusted ended up backstabbing me?

Maybe the fear of bringing you a bad grade instead of the perfect A you want makes me scared.

Maybe the fear that you just won't understand and just lecture me makes me fear you.

Maybe I just can't bring myself to talk to anybody?

Maybe I have found my salvation, right in front of me on a screen.

That friend of mine, it's my internet friend.

But you don't approve.

You argue that they will only result to harm to my physical self.

Perhaps you don't consider my mental safety.

Have you ever thought what I show isn't what I think?

The friends we meet online...

For them we bare our hearts, expose our thoughts, and show our inner fears because it's the only way we feel happy.

Before you know it, the keyboard is now wet with our salty tears and on the screen are messages of comfort from them.

Something you wouldn't understand because all you think about is my physical safety.

I understand that they could pose a threat but what if I prove that they are not?

They show everything they can, their face, their full name, anything, just to keep talking to me.

Do you think I'll give them my address, my school?

There's a fine line and I'm well aware.

You could argue that why do I not suffice with the people around us, the people you can see.

But what if they too, are against me?

What if my own physical safety is in danger because if I speak of my fears all I get is a person who just wants to talk about other, less relevant things?

Since to them, I am not relevant.

Maybe for once, you should consider that there's somebody online who cares.

There's something in my heart that can be filled by somebody who shares the same thoughts as I do.

Someone not close to home,

But in my pocket.  

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