Part 18 - Lack of 50 winks

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Jess' POV -------

I didn't sleep last night... well I couldn't. Someone had to look after and watch Randell and I kept thinking of James and Dale... the man I loved and the man I looked up to were dead... gone... and I had no control over it... I spaced out while thinking about this all night, man, I needed some fresh air... I asked T-Dog to watch Randell, he was still asleep so it wouldn't be too much trouble, I had a walk around camp, god I could have used that bottle of vodka right now. I would go back and get some more but the place would have been overrun by now.

"Hey Jess!" I stopped in my tracks and scanned the area for who called my name, it was carol, I trudged over to see what she wanted. "Can you help me fix this? the line keeps falling off and I can't reach it" I nodded and walked over and began to permanently repair the washing line. "Sophia! don't go wonder off! Sophia!" Carol ran off after Sophia and left me to fix this line, I was just about high enough on my tip toes, nearly got it, nearly there...

"I know what happened last night...anything you need to tell me?" A voice caught me by surprised, I stopped what I was doing and turned to see Lori... what did she want? I thought she knew about Randell. "What... Randell? I though Rick ha-" "Don't lie to me!" she backhanded me across my face hard, I was disorientated and the pain that shot across my face wouldn't subside. Lori's wedding ring must have caught my lip, I felt the warm liquid that was my blood trickle from my lip and down to my chin. "Aghh!" I wiped the blood from my lip and grabbed my burning cheek. I was in shock at what Lori had just done and why she did it. "I want the truth... and I want it now!" she demanded the truth but I didn't know what truth she wanted. I saw Rick approaching and thought fast. "I'd think before you did anything else little miss preggers" I threatened in a low tone whilst rubbing my cheek, I could see the colour draining from Lori's cheeks.

"Woah! is everything okay?!" Rick barged past Lori and went straight to me, he caressed my cheek lovingly and checked to make sure the bleeding had stopped from my lip. "Yeah its just a misunderstanding... right Lori?" My glare moved from Rick to Lori then back to Rick... "Yeah just a misunderstanding... she needed help with the washing line but she fell and bashed her face on the tree I was just... helping her up" Rick looked at Lori for a moment and his stare narrowed as if he didn't buy what she was saying... but why would he? it wasn't true. "C'mon we need to get you cleaned up" He motioned me towards camp to get me cleaned up and that was the end of that.

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