part 2

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Mr. Tarcisio is sitting on the bench with newspaper in his hands. I'm walking towards him hoping he would change his mind not to retire.

"Afternoon sir" I greeted.

"Afternoon, dusty" he said.

"You really sure about your retirement?" I said.

"Yeah, why?" He said.

"You know, my score is reaaaally bad, uhm the new teacher-" I said

"Kid, sshh.. you can do it if you're believe in yourself" he looked at me.

"But- I'm not sure about the new teacher, I don't know if he'll understand me or not" I mumbled.

"Hear, kid. You haven't met him yet,.maybe you'll like him? You'll never know" he said

"Okay, mister. I hope the best for you sir" I said

"I hope the best for you too, kid" he said.

"Hey pretty!" Harry poked me.

"Hey" I said

"What happen with mr. Tarce?" He said

His curly hair is combed perfectly and his green orbs is staring at me. I admit it, I love his eyes.

"Nothin'" I said

"Well, you have anytime to go to cinema, watch some good movies?" He said.

"No, " I said and walk away.

"Wait!" He said.

"You're really pretty" he said

"I'm starving harry, let me buy some food" I said.

Just after harry pass by, louis get in my way smirking. He gave me that naughty look while still wearing his football uniform.

"You wanna see some tone biceps?" He said.

"No lou, I wanna see some food" I said push him away.

"Don't go pretty!" He said

I shaked my head and continue walking. A few girls waved at me and I waved back. Oh God, I'm hungry!

"Dusty!" Niall came towards me, he bit his lower lips and say

"Uhm, I wrote a new song, do you like to hear?" He said with his sky blue eyes.

"Uhm, after school, niall. I'm hungry" I said, almost loosing my mind.

"Okay then, dusty. See you at the hall" he said

I walk past him and saw liam standing in front of his locker smiling to me like an idiot.

"Hello pretty dusty" he said

"Hello liam" I said.

I ran to the canteen and some girls grab me and told me to sit and talk a few things with them. Dammit, I'm hungry!

I sit with my food tray, I want to be alone now, you all won't leave me alone. Well, my buddies, Destiny and Wardi are absent.

Just when I'm about to put the sandwich on my mouth, someone poked me from the back. Oh God, I just want to throw the food tray in their face. I'm HUNGRY!

"Hmm?" I turn around to see a man.

A man. Yeah, he's a man. He have middle length hair and he's wearing checkered pattern shirt and black vest.

He has mustache and beard but not too long tho. He looks scary.

"Could you please tell me the way to the principal room?" He said.


"Uhm sir, I am-"

"Just a minutes please I won't bother you again"

Who is this man? HE ASK FOR HELP BUT HE DON'T EVEN LISTEN!!!!!!!!!

"Okay" I put the sandwich into the paper bag and bring it with me, also with the apple juice.

"This way" I said lead him.

"No, I mean, the exact place" he said


"Ok" I sigh.

I go to the upstair and 'dropped' this man on the principal room.

"Thanks" he said.

"Welcome" I said.

Just about I want to bite my sandwich, the bell for the next period, rang.

"GOD!" I said.

My stomach hurts so bad and I hate it.

I walk to the class. Zayn looked at me and walk to me.

"Hey, girl, you look pale" he said.

"No zayn, I'm fine" I smiled.

"Really? Maybe I should call the teacher and tell that you're not feeling well." He said

"No zayn, I'm fiine" I said.

I sit while holding my stomach. It's really hurts. Mrs. Cole look at me with a weird stare.

"You look pale ms. Sumpter." Said mrs. Cole

I nodded. Everybody look at me, giving me a worry look. I smiled to make sure I'm alright.

My stomach hurts so bad. You know, I have a problem with my stomach. I can't eat too late.

"I'm alright, mrs. Cole" I smiled.

"Well, you can rest, I can see that you don't" she said.

I lay on school's health unit, and make a cup of hot tea and eat my sandwich. God, my stomach feel so good.


"You're alright?" He said.

"Yeah" I nod.

Oh yeah, he's that man. That man who make me sick. Why the hell he ever come here again.

"I'm the one who will stay on the school health unit every thursday" he said.

"Okay" I nod.

"You're alright or you want me to check you up? I used to work on the health care" he said.

"No, thanks" I said.

Imagining him examine my body is kind of awkward. Ew. No, okay erase that thought. Why did I ever imagine him examine my body. Damn.

"Okay then, just tell me if you need some medicine" he said and walk out the door.

I'm happy that he's now gone. It just frustrated to see his face. He's scary..


The bell rang,

Time to go home,

A few friends visit me and asking me if I'm alright. I'm so happy. This is might be the worst day ever , but at last there's still many people who care about me.

"You join the choir today?" Ask brittany.

She and christina were heading to the music room.

"I'm not feeling well" I sigh

"Tell mr. Mercury that I'm Ill" I said.

"Okay then, get well soon, you don't look too hot" they said

"Thanks" I giggled.

My driver is already waiting on the parking lot to drive me home. I forgot my promise to Niall. But well, he'll understand. Ah, I can't wait to meet my bed!.

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