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The Dillema

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"Emma! Breakfast!" my mom called from downstairs. "Emma!"

"I'm coming ma! Just gimme 5 minutes!" I yelled from under my blanket on my bed. "Five.. more..." I muttered as I went back to sleep.

"Emma! NOW!" I hopped out of bed, stretching.

"Coming, I'm coming!" I went to the stairs and sat down, then stretched myself out and slid down the stairs. I ended in a heap at the bottom and curled into a ball.

"Em, you okay?" my mother nudged me. I nodded and groaned. "Then get up, I've been calling you for like 20 minutes!" I lifted my head. You liar. "You never called me 20 minutes ago." she ignored me and walked away. I dragged myself to the kitchen and laid beside the table. "You can feed me from right here. I'm okay with that." Then I sniffed and bolted upright. "There is no food being made in this kitchen."

"I know." my mother said off-handed as she began to prepare our morning meal.

"Then why am I up?"

"Because everybody else is up, so you should be too."

"That is child abuse." She shook her head and smiled.

"Go watch t.v. or something with your brothers. I'm sure they'll agree with you." I nodded and got off the floor and walked into the living room in search of the remote. I trudged past my twin brother Van and flopped onto the couch. "Where's the remote?" I asked. He shrugged and I looked for like half a second before just turning around and going to sleep. I don't know why she does this every morning. We have like an hour and a half of free time before school starts. She truly loves to bug us. I felt a really heavy blanket,( like really heavy, oh my god, so heavy), fall on top of me and I groaned, twisting my body halfway and the blanket fell off. "OH JEEZ EM!" I turned and looked at the offender.

"Vince!! What are you doing here?" I hugged my older brother. He's in college, so I hardly get to see him.

"Winter break, I just got here." I hugged him again. "Oh, and I brought someone with me." Just then, a 5'10 guy came through the front door. I stopped for a moment, thinking I'd seen him before. I stared at him for some clue as to how I knew this handsome stranger with Hazel-Brown eyes, black hair that looked so smooth, Italian skin that brought out his eyes so well. Still, there was something about him that made me think more. I couldn't figure what it was. "This is Luke Wortham, he's gonna stay with us during the break. His parents aren't home, and I can't just let him stay by himself, so here he is."

"Where's he going to stay?" Van asked.

"In the guest room." Vince replied incredulously.

"Noooooo, that room is mui occupado with boxes-o."

"Boxes?" Van nodded. He then looked at me, and I shrugged. "What for?"

" Mom and Dad want to..." Me and Van looked at each other and recited together. "Renovate, redecorate, and rejuvenate." We snickered at the end.

"Well, this is a problem." Vince sighed. I smacked on the head. "No duh!" 

"Look, I don't want to be a burden. I can just stay on the couch and everything will be fine." I scrunched up my nose and shook my head. "That's no good. I would feel horrible. You can take my room, I'll find something else to do. Maybe I'll stay in the loft. It's great up there." He looked apprehensive, "I don't want to put you out or anything. I really don't want to invade your space."

"You won't be putting me out. There's a little alcove, loft type space above my bed. It serves as more of a communications and gaming center, but I'm up there enough, I might as well sleep there too." I smiled sweetly at him. He still looked apprehensive, but at the mention of video games, he seemed a bit more comfortable. "Here, I'll make you a deal. I'll show you what we've got set up here, and I'll show you your options and you can pick. You are a guest in our home, so lets show a little manners, eh?" My brothers ignored me and were talking animatedly about some new girl Van had met in town.  I shook my head and pulled Luke along. 

"This is the living room, we don't spend too much time in here, we spend most of the time in the retreat room which is through there." i pointed down a hallway. "This is the patio, not prime conditions for sleeping, but breakfast is always pleasant out here nonetheless." We walked out and I showed him how everything is essentially connected. I then led him upstairs to where my brother's room was and finally my room. I opened the door with a Grandeur fit for 1879. His eyes took in my apartment styled room and he smiled as he walked in and looked at the pictures and the textures and artwork hanging everywhere. 

"This is your room?" He said in awe. I nodded and smiled. "Do you like it?" He turned to me incredulously. "Like it? I love it! It's so natural. It seems like the complete opposite of what Vince told me about you." I raised my eyebrows questioningly. "He talked about me?" He turned to me. He ignored my question, "You are a very interesting girl, Emma Leare." Before I could ask what he meant by that, he dropped his bags and said " I like it, I'll take your deal." I gave him a small smile and told him that I had to get ready for school. 

The entire day went by in a blur and I was more than a little excited to get home. This was going to be an interesting Winter Break.

Hi all! This is my new story and I hope you like it. Im submitting it for my writing class in my portfolio and I need feedback. It actually would be greatly appreciated. :) 

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