Chapter 32

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Kerrick kept his promise, I was able to see my father a few times in the following weeks and he even bought me another cellphone so we could keep in touch. I apologized to Samantha and Victoria for cutting them off and becoming distant but they were more than happy to see me again.

I was currently with them, waiting for the Independence Day fireworks and watching the celebrations unfold back home. The streets were streaming with life and I was bubbling with excitement but I wished Kerrick had come with me.

"Daniel, aren't the celebrations exciting!? This year must be the best I've seen in a while!" I looked over at Daniel and smiled but his eyes were fixated on the night sky.


"I'm glad I came to celebrate Independence with you guys."

He smiled and rubbed the back of his head, bringing nostalgia to my heart.

"I wonder where Sam and Tori are. They said they were going to buy snacks and be back in a moment but it's been half an hour."

We we're standing by a building, out of the way of the crowd but not the festivities. I looked over the throng of people and spotted them standing at a stall not far away.

"They're at the snack stand alright," I giggled and tucked a tendril of my hair behind my ear. "But the snack vendor is what they want to order."

Daniel laughed and shook his head, his eyes wondering across the growing crowd.

"Seems typical of them."

"They'll be back though eventually and with something to gossip about."

"Delancy, is your father coming soon?" He asked, stretching and linking his arms behind his head.

"No, he's says he's going to watch everything on TV." I confessed with a sigh and leaned on the wall behind me.



"Do you know, I had a crush on you?"

I turned to Daniel and leaned off the wall, his eyes locking on me indefinitely.


"I've liked you for a very long time and when I heard you were getting married, I was so jealous." He rubbed his forehead and sighed. "Your husband's was very lucky to marry you, you're the sweetest person I've ever known and I hope he treats you right."


"Don't worry, I'm not hung up over you anymore but that doesn't mean I don't still care for you so if you ever need a hand I'll be there without a second thought."

"Thanks," I couldn't find the words to make up for what I wanted to say but his words moved me with gratitude. "Thanks for everything."

"No problem." His serious expression fell away and he laughed, relinking his arms behind his head.

"Daniel, I do love Kerrick more than anyone knows and possibly myself, I just hope we'll continue to be happy for the rest of our marriage."

"I'm just glad to know you're happy, that makes everything better."

My heart grew fonder and warmer towards Daniel because of his honesty and even though I didn't feel the same about him since he was like my brother but it was comforting to know I had an extra shoulder to lean on if I ever needed it.

For the rest of the night, we watched the fireworks and celebrations together. As predicted, Sam and Tori kept me laughing the entire time when they came back with gossip and it was like I was right home again before I got married. Time flew and before I knew it, hours had passed and it was late so my father offered for me to stay with him.

"Delancy, are you alright?" My father asked while leaning on the door post of my room.

"Yeah," I admitted, settling in my old bed. "It's nice to see you've kept my room the same."

He pulled away from my door, then walked towards me and took a seat by my side.

"What is it?" I questioned when I saw his expression.

"I don't know, I guess seeing you here again is strange. It's so hard to believe only a few months ago you got married, I still wake up in the morning, waiting for you to come down and help me with the store." He laughed. "I'm glad that you're alright though."

"Dad, you know, I've been thinking. I've missed you a lot too."

"How could you not? If you said you didn't I would be disappointed."

"I would've asked if I could've visited you sooner but there's a lot that Kerrick has been doing and I have to be there for him."

"Do you love him?"

"What?" Heat crept up my cheeks but I didn't try to hide it. "Yeah, I do."

He smiled and sighed heavily. "Then that's wonderful, my baby girl has found love."

"I'm not a baby." I protested.

"You are still to me." He ruffled my hair and got up and went to the door. "Good night Delancy."

"Night Dad."

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