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Today was the day. He should've been happy, leaving that hell hole. But he wished he could stay. He would be surprised if his parents even showed up. But Max's parents came eventually. Even if it was one a.m, and the two could've been breathing fire, they came.

David hugged Max goodbye, yelling a "I'll see you next year!" Max wished the hug was longer, but like hell was he going to say anything.

Max stepped into the car. Of course the first thing his parents did was yell at him.

It wasn't new to Max, yet he still felt scared and uncomfortable around it. He usually would glare out the window and ignore it, but this time he couldn't block out the screams. Maybe it was because he hadn't heard the familiar screams in forever.

Then he heard his mother say something. "That's it!  I've had enough of wasting money on this brat. Just drive him to foster care babe." She snarled.

It didn't cause him any sort of reaction, as he heard it constantly. Max's mother would get herself pissed over Max and eventually say something about killing him, dropping him off somewhere, or foster care. But Max was wrong. The drove up to the foster care center, to Max's dismay and pleasure. "Come on ya little shit, we don't have time for this."

Max knew better than to refuse, so he gathered his belongings and stepped out of the car. His parents were a ways in front of him, walking with confidence. As Max stepped inside he smelled the familiar smell of the doctors office. It was bright like it too, except there were no nurses or sniffling kids in sight. 

It was a long process, but eventually Max was placed with a roommate and his parents left for good this time. A lady named Lydia led him towards his room, with a roommate named Nathan. The room was surprisingly nice, with two single beds, two small dressers, and two nightside tables, with a lamp on each. There was a single clock hanging from the wall, displaying the time. It was three thirty in the morning. Nathan, his roommate, was sitting on his bed reading. One lamp was on. He looked up as Max and the lady entered.

"Nathan, you should be in bed. It's late!" Lydia exclaimed as she entered.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, well I have this thing called insomnia ya know. I can't sleep." Nathan snapped. Lydia rolled her eyes and looked at Max. "You have insomnia too, right? That's why we placed you two together, I think..." She looked unsure of herself. 

"Yeah, obviously. I didn't fall asleep at all during the paperwork signing." Max rolled his eyes. In fact, he didn't even feel tired at all. "Then I'll leave you two to it. Holler if you need anything!" And with that, Lydia left, leaving Max and Nathan alone in the room.

"So," Nathan turned towards Max, "Lets destroy the fuckin place with our awesomeness."


So I'm updating the chapters. I'll either be editing ot redoing the parts, It depends. I hope you enjoy the new and improved version of this story!

 Love, Sam

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