Chapter 18

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"Jaffy! Sinny! Hinapapa! Mr. Mystros! Lookie!" (Y/N) was at the front of the ship pointing towards two cliff faces as Sinbad and Mystros looked around in amazement.


"According to these scrolls, it looks like there should be a break in the coast up ahead, and past that, the only way to continue is on foot. We should make careful preparations." He looks over to the two teens as they weren't paying attention.

"Jaffy, I'm not a very good walker..." He looks over to her and sighs.

"If you get tired, I'll try to carry you."

"You seem to be good at dealing with stuff like this. Did you travel a lot?"

"You can say that. I used to be an assassin."


"Don't worry about it, (Y/N). I'll be fine with carrying you if you get tired." He blushes slightly when she jumps on him, giggling.

"Okay! Hey! What are you guys looking at?!" She walks into the gap between Mystros and Sinbad as they were pointing at things. "You're right, Mr. Mystros! That is a big bird! Why is it getting bigger?" As she says that, the bird flies above the ship, making (Y/N) let out a small scream and fall on her butt. Sinbad helped her up as they watched the bird circle the ship and reveal two beautiful girls. She smiles happily and waves at them. "Hi! My name is (Y/N)!"

"Hello, (Y/N)!" The bird gets closer to the side of the ship that (Y/N) was standing on and smiled at her. "Are you coming to visit our country Artemyra?"

"Yup! My friends and I wanna see if we can do some kind of trading."

"So there were people riding that bird!

"I heard that the people of Artemyra were good with animals, but they're also super beautiful!" The girls giggle at Mystros oogling over them, then turn back to (Y/N).

"There's a ravine up ahead with steep slopes. It'll be nothing but difficult mountain trails." They look over to the boys as they finish their sentence. If you make it safely through the ravine and arrive in Artemyra, come have some fun with us!"

"But if you can't manage this little ravine, then you'll be stiff, sore, and useless at night, won't you?"

"Jaffy, what do they mean by 'having fun?' Do they play games?" Ja'far covers her ears as the girls continued talking.

"Like before, if took all night and the men were so stiff and sore that they trembled just like new-born fawns. There's nothing more pathetic." The two giggled to themselves. "Men really aren't good for anything else, so they really need to give it their all! Also, let go of the girl's ears. We're done talking about that." Ja'far nods and puts his hands on his hips. The girls came over to the side of the boat and offered their hands to her.

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