~Jon | The Feast~

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WARNING: Mentions of rape

Jon sat on one of the benches at the beginning of the feasting hall. Lady Catelyn had berated Jon a few moments prior to the feast and told him that he was to sit away from his half-brothers and sisters for she believed that having a bastard dine with the royal children would be an insult to their honor. He paid little offense to this for one reason. At feasts, his lord father allowed each of the Stark children one cup of wine. All the way in the back of the feasting hall, no one could limit Jon from the warmth that an excess amount of wine brought.

Sitting front and center, Jon was able to watch all of the lords and ladies enter for the feast. First entered Jon's lord father and the queen. Cersei Lannister proved and lived up to the rumours about her beauty. Her golden hair flowed like a waterfall down her back and her green eyes matched that of her dress. She strode with strife and looked straight ahead. Lord Eddard gave Jon a warming smile and placed a hand on his curly head, giving his hair a shake. "It looks good on you." he spoke, referring to Jon's haircut. The boy smiled at his father before the man continued walking.

The next to make a royal entrance was King Robert and Lady Stark. The fat king looked nothing like a king at all as he walked- more like waddled- his way to the platform where the royal adults were seated. Lady Stark smiled at the men who greeted her and, when her blue eyes met Jon's, her smile faltered slightly before she meekly nodded at him.

Following were the eldest children. Lady Sansa had her arm linked with Prince Joffrey, her face held a happy grin accompanied with rosy cheeks, a constant blush. Joffrey's face also held a smile. It was an arrogant one and once his eyes landed on Jon, he turned to look at the entrance from where he came briefly before smirking wider and looking forward once more. Sansa look radiant in her white and grey dress that she had proudly crafted herself.

Following were Robb and the Princess Myrcella. Robb had always made Jon exceedingly envious. Every woman would fawn over the Stark boy's blue Tully eyes and muscular body. Robb had a strong jaw and face structure with high cheek bones like his mother. Opposed to Jon's dull brown eyes and jetblack hair, Robb was what a prince should look like, not Joffrey. Princess Myrcella looked much like a replica of the queen. Her long blonde hair and green eyes matched that of her mother's and she held the same straight look on her face.

Next came Arya with Prince Tommen. A fat boy, shorter than her, and had longer hair than her as well. Arya's face looked displeased and disgusted as she looked down at their conjoined arms. She looked to Jon with pleading eyes for him to 'save' her from the fat prince while Jon just laughed along with the men around him, much to Arya's dismay.

After the very displeased Arya passed by, Bran and Rickon were next. Brandon simply smiled at Jon, but little Rickon had other ideas, "Jon! Have you seen Rayne yet? She looks so pretty! She-"

"I will very soon. Run along now, little one." Jon chuckled. "M'not little!" Rickon complained and wined. Jon laughed once more and attempted to tell him to move along again, but he was interrupted by the girl he was waiting for the entire time.

"You are the littlest lord here. Run along to your brother and father." Rayne's smoothe voice cut through the chaotic noise of all the drunk men whose eyes looked her up and down hungrily. Jon's own eyes trailed slowly up from Rickon and proceeded up Rayne's figure. She was smiling down at Rickon and ruffled his hair before ushering him along.

Jon immediately concurred with Rickon's statement. Rayne, at least in Jon's eyes, was far more stunning and elegant than the princess and even the queen. Her dress hugged her womanly curves and flowed in all of the right places. Her long hair was in four braids that joined at the back of her head and the rest of her raven-colored hair flowed down her back like the still water at the heart of the godswood. Jon looked at her with a hooded gaze and when she offered him a bright smile, he graciously accepted it.

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