An unexpected guest

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Georgie happily took the paper boat from his new friend, he looked up at Pennywise and said " Come on, follow me." Pennywise followed the little boy through the rain to a two story house, he looked towards the upper story and saw a teen run from the window. 

Bill ran as fast as he could down the stairs, he could not believe his eyes, was this the friend his younger brother had told him about? It was unthinkable, a man dressed as a clown waited by the door to the house, Bill knew he had to get to the door before their mother found out who Georgie had apparently made friends with and invited over to their house. Bill made it down the stairs and opened the door, he quickly stepped outside and silently closed the heavy door behind him. 

" Georgie is t-t- this you're friend you told me about?" Georgie smiled sheepishly and Pennywise stood there awkwardly not really knowing what to do. " Yep Bill, this is my new friend his name is Pennywise." Bill looked at the clown and at his brother " G-Georige you know y-y-you're not supposed to talk to strangers." Georgie smiled, because in his young mind, since Pennywise had introduced himself, they were not strangers, and he replied to his brother with " Bill were not strangers, he introduced himself to me, and he helped me get my boat back."

Bill was about to respond when the door abruptly opened again, this time it was Bills and Georgies mother, she stood there and took a breath to compose herself. " Who is this?" She asked her boys, Georgie opened his mouth to answer, but Pennywise cut in. " I am Pennywise, the dancing clown." The boys mother looked at him like he grew a second head, " Georgie, Bill, why are you talking to a man dressed like a clown?"

 Georgie quickly answered his mother " I brought him here because he was in the storm drain, he said he was trying to stay out of the rain, so I brought him here." Georgies mother still not quiet liking the answer asked another question, " Then why was.. Mr.Pennywise taking cover in a storm drain?" 

Pennywise answered as if reading off of terribly written index card jokes " The storm blew me and the whole circus away..." Georgies mother was still not buying the clowns response " Let me guess, you had no where else to go?" Pennywise smiled, not in an intimidating was, but a nervous way, but that is not to say the cosmic entity from another dimension was nervous, no, he was more of, as to say playing cards, Pennywise was trying to act as human as possible so it would be easier to convince Georgies mother and his brother to let him stay with them. " Well ma'm clowns don't make much these days, and I don't have any relatives to help me.." 

Maybe Pennywise had used some of his powers for the response their mother was going to give, or maybe Georgies and Bills mother had felt pity for this "man" dressed as a clown, perhaps we may never know completely as to why she said the following response, one could only wonder. " Well, you boys are glad that your father is off on a business trip, otherwise the my response to this situation would be different, well, Mr. Pennywise, you can stay in the spare room we have, we don't use it much, so sorry if it may be a bit dirty, but I expect you all to be on your best behavior." The last part was mainly directed to Pennywise, as he was a stranger, and he could or could not be a dangerous man.

"Yay!" Georgie was overjoyed, his first and only friend was allowed to stay with them, Bill was just shocked at his mothers response, and Pennywise himself, if we were to put what he felt into human emotions, he would be delighted.

 Pennywise thanked Georgies and Bills mother, and as they went into the he could not help but let out a devious smile, but I shall tell you it was out of no ill intent, it was just something he did to comfort himself, kind of like how Heath Ledgers joker licked his lips. Pennywise followed them into the house, little did they know, that he would be staying with them a whole year... 

( Yes I know why Heath ledgers joker licked his mouth, it was to make the prosthetic stay in place, I just needed something to compare it to and that is what I thought of oh after this is complete do expect a joker fanfiction :D )

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