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I was broken from my inner contemplation when I heard a knock at my door. I turned, got out of my chair, and hit a button on my bedroom wall, turning on a camera and a computer screen. A man's face showed up on the screen, in ceremonial military attire. I knew something was up when I saw him. "What is it, Major?" I asked politely, expecting it to be some surprise meeting or a house party that I was just invited to.

"Sir, there has been a warning for the city. Something is happening, and we don't know what. We need you to come to Dominion Hall with us at once. The Emperor wants to see you." He said, sounding a bit frantic.

"The Emperor wants to see me? Okay, I will be right out...." I looked out the window, and saw that the lights were going dark. They were being turned off. The streets were becoming almost pitch black, the buildings turning into shadows in the moonlight. That could only mean one thing. Something big was happening....and nothing was going to be the same when it did.

I ran and grabbed my briefcase and headpiece, and walked out of my apartment. Everyone else was leaving with us, and they all looked as scared as I felt. They were all terrified, wanting to run as fast as they could away from the oncoming event, but not being allowed to because of safety. They didn't want a stampede, or for anyone to get trampled. The major was trying to make a hole for me to get out quickly, pushing people out of our way to speed up the evacuation process for me.

We finally got to the staircases, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. I usually felt glad to live on the 19th floor, but not today. Today, I wished I live on Floor 2 with the commoners. My high-class status, however, wouldn't allow me to. It was at times like these where I wish I hadn't jumped at the chance to become the Head of Inter-District Relations, because, sometimes, it was a pain in the ass to be the top dog. I never realized just how good the common folk had it sometimes.

After a good ten minutes, we made it outside. Everyone was either walking on the footpaths or getting onto their hyperbikes, if they had one. Lots of the middle class people in Capital City owned one. I was being sent in the direction away from where everyone else was going - which was probably to Armitidge Shore. The planes to take the people away were already arriving, and people were getting on pretty quickly.

That was when we all stopped and saw a powerful light, streaming across the sky. The ground shook menacingly as it got closer and closer. Many ran, trying to get onto the planes and screaming, while others braced for the impact. I was one of the ones who stood awestruck, watching this massive beam of potential death screech across the sky.

And then three seconds later, everything changed.

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