“Guess this night just got better” I think to myself as I get out and walk back to the Hummer which is now going in reverse. I wave my hand in front of it and it stops. I walk up to the window and it slides down.

“What happened now?” Zayn asks in a tired voice.

I smile at him sheepishly and say

“Uh.. my car just won’t start.”

Zayn holds the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger and rubs as if trying to defeat an oncoming headache. He looks at Louis and speaks.

“Louis could you please help the lady here and see what’s wrong with her car?”

Louis gives Zayn a curt nod and jumps out of his car and walks to my car while I wait by the front of the Hummer.

After about 5 mins he walks back to Zayn’s window and I follow.

“Well mate seems like there’s some problem with the bug it maybe because of the crash. We’ll have to tow it” says Louis.

Zayn groans loudly.

“Get your luggage and get in” he instructs me . I do as I’m told & quickly jump into the back seat of the Hummer. He then starts the Hummer and reverses it, drives forward and then pauses in front of my bug. Louis goes to the back of the car and pulls out some strong looking black tow ropes. He hooks one end to the rear of the hummer and the other end to the front of my beetle. After firmly securing both the hooks and making sure they won’t let loose Louis gets into the passenger’s seat. After buckling his seat belt he turns behind to look at me.

“So what’s your name?” he asks smiling

“Eliza Sheffield” I reply politely.

“Ok so Eliza we will drop your bug to the nearest garage and then drop you home? Is that fine?”

“What option do I have” I reply.

“And don’t mind my friend Zayn here, he’s just a bit tired” he says patting Zayn’s back and winks. I just smile in return.


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