Author's Note

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Well hello there, beautiful 😉

How are y'all doing? Good, I hope. I'm glad that you have stumbled upon this story but beware. This is the second book in the In Slavery Trilogy. You MUST read Safety In Slavery to understand this story completely. Do not try to read this first then go back to SIS, it will not make sense! The last thing I want is confused comments about not understanding something. Just read the stories in order and wait patiently, I promise you everything will be answered and if at the END OF THE TRILOGY you still have questions, feel free to leave your questions in the last chapter or the A/N I will post at the end. There is another book after this one that will conclude the trilogy and my aim is to have everything wrapped up perfectly well and have everything be crystal clear at the end of that book. So, I appreciate y'all waiting until the end to spam me with questions.

This story will be updated on FRIDAYS only and I will let you know beforehand if an update will be postponed. 

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