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"Ummmm- I can explain!" Sonic layed, pinned under the furious red echidna, contemplating the chances of getting out of this without a broken bone. You see, Sonic had been doing his thing, rolling around at the speed of sound, ya know? And guess what came out of nowhere?! Well not nowhere but... He couldn't see where he was going alright! Sonic had full-out face-planted the giant green gem, smashing it into tiny lil' pieces.

Knuckles took a deep sigh, clearly annoyed at the blue hedgehog's antics. He looked down to the sheepish face below him, which was slightly blushing in embarrassment. This had happened twice in one month! Knuckles just kept staring at him, wanting to give it to him but also knowing he would never willingly hurt the small hedgehog under him. "K-Knuckles... Can you stop staring please?" 'Pfffft. That hedgehog was bloody adorable.' Knuckles smirked and leaned down into Sonic's face. "Maybe this should be your punishment." Sonic looked at Knuckles confused. "Staring at me is a punishment? I find it kinda hot to be honest." Knuckles' smirk grew. He leaned down and licked Sonic's lips, well aware that his grip was too strong for he hedgehog to get out of. "No. I just won't let you move."

Knuckles moved his face away from Sonic's and tightened his grip as blue legs started kicking. "But Knuckles-!" Knuckles smirked and continued to sit on Sonic, relishing in the blue speedsters distress. Sonic pouted, knowing there was no way he was strong enough to get out of Knuckles' grip, so he just laid there. After about half-an-hour...

"You're lucky I need to fix the emerald" As soon as Knuckles let go, Sonic bursted up and spun around in glee, relieved to be able to move again. He bounced up to Knuckles and wrapped his arms around the echidna's neck. "Thanks Knux!" Knuckles blushed as Sonic gave him a kiss on the cheek. Sonic stepped back and looked Knuckles in the eye. "I'm really sorry, really. I didn't mean to, I just get caught up an-" Knuckles pulled Sonic by the waist into a deep passionate kiss. Sonic wrapped his arms once again around Knuckles' neck, sending them tumbling into the pieces of shattered emerald. Sonic smirked, sitting in Knuckles' lap. "Maybe I can make it up to you~"

(Saucy stuff ;) )

Knuckles held Sonic close to him by the waist, whilst looking at his beloved emerald. Slowly thinking, while looking into Sonic's emerald green eyes, that sparkled more than the gem of great power itself. 'Maybe I need to start looking after something more important'

😍I love Knuxonic! It's not my OTP (Sonadow) but it's high on the list! Would any of you like me to do more little story's like this (if anyone is actually reading that is T-T) recommend any ships as long as it's yaoi and Sonic uke! I refuse to do anything else!

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