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Day 8

* Thunder Noice *

" AHHH " Rośe suddenly screamed.

Jimin who's room was next to Rośe's heard the terrified screaming and immediately went to her room.

" Rośe ?! " he yelled as he ran and opened the door.

There, she saw her hugging her knees in the corner of her room.

He quickly ran to her and kneeled down, " What's wrong ?? Are you okay ? " he asked in concern and panicked at the same time.

" Th-thunder " she mumbled covering her ears as well.

Jimin then hugged her and rubbed her back as she sobs in fear.


" You sure you'll be fine ? " Jimin asked as she tucks her in bed.

" Yeah " she said laying in bed comfortably.

" Alright then, ill head out, if you need anything, I'm just next door "

With that, he bid her goodnight and closed her door.

As he finally plops onto his bed, his door suddenly opened making him jump and sat up.

" Rośe ? "

" I can't sleep " she said looking down.

" You want to sleep with me ? " he asked.

She nodded shyly.

He smiles and pats the spot next to him and she finally runs to his bed.

Once she finally lay comfortably, Jimin offed the lights, his back facing her.

He was drifting off to sleep when suddenly, he felt a pair of hands around his waist, making him flinch.

" S-sorry, I just can't sleep " she said.

He then turned around to her, just a few inches away.

They felt their warms breathed against their skin.

Rośe who couldn't help it, leaned to his lips and kissed him passionately.

Jimin was shocked but kissed her back. She slips her tongue inside his mouth, exploring every area.

She moves her hands around his neck and pulls him closer, while his masculine hands gripping onto her tiny waist.

Both of them felt wet for each other, yet, didn't want to go too further, yet.

Once they pulled away, finally catching their breathes.

" Good night oppa " Rośe said smiling.

" Night baby girl " he said making Rośe blush.


Day 9

" F-fuck " Taehyung moaned.

" Be quiet if you don't want anyone to hear us " Jennie whispered.

They were both in Jennie's work in the dressing room.

Jennie who kindly offered to help Taehyung's " problem " and is now, jerking him off.

It drives him crazy, especially a stripper who he's babysitting is hella hot as hell.

" F-faster " he groaned and holds onto her wrist.

Jennie then finally puts his member inside her mouth, bobbing her head while looking at him seductively.

She continues to slide her hands up and down around his member, as she starts to deep throat his member.

" I'm g-gonna, " before he could finish, he already came into her mouth.

She swallows all of it and finally gets her mouth out of it as she wipes her lips with the remaining cum on her lips.

" Damn, you're good " Taehyung said breathing heavily.

Jennie then smirks and cleans up the mess.

After she finishes, she goes to her vanity that had a big mirror and dresses up to her normal outfit as she finally finished work.

She was facing the mirror and only had a bra and got her high waisted jeans on already.

Then, Taehyung wraps his arms around her waist from the back and kisses her neck making her moan.

" Mm, Tae " she said as she closes her eyes tightly and tilts her head.

He then cups her boobs, squeezing them, pleasuring her.

She bites her bottom lips trying to not make a sound.

He suddenly turns her around as she leans onto the vanity, her hands supporting her from falling.

He puts his bony hands onto her waist, gripping it tightly and kisses her.

He opens his mouth and let Jennie's tongue enter. He sucks her tongue, making her let out a moan.

They pulled away for a bit and Jennie places her hands onto his cheeks and pulled him closer to meet his lips again.

He bites her bottom lip, tasting a bit of that metallic blood, as he sucks her bleeding bottom lip.

Once they pulled away, their eyes were full of lust and needy.

" Shall we finish this at home ? " Taehyung asked.

She nodded and smirks at him.

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