It Takes Time Part 2.

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I looked at her wide eyed while my heart was going insane. How did she find out?! I sat up straight and cleared my throat and looked at her. She had a blank look on her face making me look slightly confused for second but shrug it off and take a deep breathe.

Y/n:"Oh h-how did you find out?"I asked making her adjust herself a little.

Camila:"Well I phone Dinah and stuff to check up on the girls and catch up a little and she let it slip...."She said making me nod"So you did sleep with Lauren"She said making me run my hands through my hair.

Y/n:"Yes....I was upset and Lauren was there and I needed a distraction and we both just needed a distraction-"

Camila:"So you sleep with her?!"She said raising her voice making me jump a little. I feel like a kid getting interrogated for stealing something.

Y/n:"It wasn't planned!"I said but then remembered the talk we had at the pool making me bite my lip"Well....we uh-"

Camila:"Y/n!"She said hitting my head making me groan.

Y/n:"Oh come on Camila! It was just a one time thing and-"I cut myself off and studied her for a moment. I looked at her and smirked"Are you jealous?"I asked making her look at me wide eyed and then scoff.

Camila:"What! No!"She said defensively making my smirk widen.

Y/n:"Oh yes I think you are"I said making her roll her eyes and get out off bed.

Camila:"Whatever! Can you just show me the tour of the house"She said trying to change the subject making me go along with it.....for now.

Y/n:"Okay...."I said getting out of bed. I showed her around the house and all the cool stuff it had along with outside which she seemed to love but what caught most of her attention was the studio. We were currently walking back to the room when she spoke up.

Camila:"We're definitely going to write sings in that studio...."She said making me chuckle a little.

Y/n:"Okay babe"I said making her look down and blush"Well I'm going to go freshen up and then I'll see you downstairs for breakfast"I said making her nod and smile big.

Camila:"Yay!"She said as her eyes lit up like a little kid making me smile at her cuteness.

Y/n:"Okay I'll see you in a bit love"I said kissing her cheek and walking to my room with a smile in my face. I showered and changed into a pair of black jeans and a white shirt with my superstars. I walked downstairs and sighed opening the fridge.

I looked in the fridge and spotted some bacon making me smile and pull it out. I started making breakfast and heard some footsteps making me turn around and see Camila dressed in some shorts along with a top that hugged her body perfectly. I let my eyes roam her body for a while and then snapped out of it.

Y/n:"I see you found your way around"I said making her groan and walk next to me.

Camila:"I wish! I got lost three times trying to find the kitchen!"She said making me laugh while she shoved me"Ass"She mumbled making me smirk and face her.

Y/n:"You should know Miss Cabello.... You have a nice one"I said winking making her face go red.

Camila:"Shut up...."She mumbled making me laugh and focus back on the food"So what can I help with?"She asked making me stick my tongue out thinking.

Y/n:"Well....I making the bacon so I waited for you to decide what we can have with it"I said making her eyes light up"Anything you want...."I said making her run to the cupboards.

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