your my prince - vegeta vs Zamasu

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Zamasu POV

I look at this girl as she looks nervously at me, I bow down with one hand on my stomach and the other on my back.

"My name is zamasu, my lady. Please do not feel frightened, I found you on earth laying down."

King Kai looks at me and i back up to him, she seems like she knows king Kai but is afraid of me? I wonder why.

"King... Kai, why... is zamasu here....?" Viana asked.

"He's learning about the galaxy, Why? Something wrong?" King Kai said.

"Uhm.. well..-" Viana said.

A blue anger short saiyan burst through our doors with another saiyan with weird hair.

"Vegeta?" Viana said.

"YOU!" vegeta said.

"Me?" I said.

"LET MY V.. I mean.. LET VIANA GO!!" vegeta said.

The blue saiyan rushed at me but the other saiyan stopped him. The blue one looked annoyed that the saiyan.

"Vegeta! That's not very nice!" Goku said.

"OUT OF MY WAY KAKAROTE!" vegeta yelled.

"Excuse me, but.. have I done something wrong? All I did was take Ms Viana out of earth so that she can have a better place to rest." I said.

" SHE WAS FINE WHERE SHE WAS!" vegeta yelled.

"Ohh?? But.. isn't it proper to ask her permittion before taking her?" Goku asked.

"I.. i guess I should of asked.. my apologies my lady." I said.

"Uhmm.. sure.." Viana said.

I let out a hand to Viana to help her up but she didn't want to take my hand, I want to know why she won't grab my hand, is she trying to act tough so it will be harder to get at her heart? Or.. does she really hate me..

"Ms Viana, it's rude to be mean to Me " I said as my light greenish face turns kind of pink.

"Im.. sorry zamasu.. I'll tell you my reason.. please everyone sit down." Viana said.

I sit down next to king Kai, vegeta stands with his arms crossed and goku floats.

"Im from the past or future, I came here to look for the strongest warriors to fight against... zamasu... and black goku.." Viana said as her head went down.

"W..what??" I said shocked thinking I wouldn't hear blacks name again.

"WHAT?!" Vegeta said.

"But.. that already happened with trunks..." goku said.

"W..what.. b..but trunks is.... he's dead by black.." Viana said.

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