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Melanie Martinez - Dollhouse




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Anne's P.O.V.

I was driving back to Lakewood, though I was still scared inside there was no evidence of frightening on my face as I adjusted the rearview mirror, looking at my face into it, though there were bags under my eyes, the mascara was helping me to look at least presentable.

I had changed myself into the formal shirt which was the only good raiment of mine at Nanna's home.

I parked my car in the office parking lot after the servicing the car was working sleekly and I was loving the new fragrance in my car. That's what I love about giving it for a service it always comes with good smell than your rotten things under the seats.

I walked into the office, everyone was busy typing, analyzing and discussing. Our office is never quiet it always of chaos and talks. The lady on the screen in front of me caught my attention.  It was Lakewood's famous and top reporter Faye Carson, everything she reported had Keynes approval and appreciation while everything with me was opposite.

"Anne we need to go back to the Parrel house, from today the case will be handled, by David Campbell," she said typing something on phone.

"I don't want to go there once again, but you know I don't want to listen to Mr. Keynes too..." she said in a nervous tone.

"It's going to be fine, Jane," I said and place the new recorder and a camera in my bag, today  I need to get as much as footage I can it would only help me and I could show it to Nanna.

While driving Ethan had texted me that he had taken his job back, as he needed money immediately for some reason. 

We reached the Parrel house, stepping on the land would itself bring the shiver run from head to toe, I remember my dream me standing alone, her whispers and then the scariest scream. I saw Ethan standing talking to some cop.

Jane and I walked towards the crowd of other reporters when a black colored car arrived making step the person wearing dark shades, I guessed him as David Campbell.

Mr. Campbell walked like as if he owns this place the cops just got alert and straighten seeing him. There was this aura of seriousness and someone important joining us.

Mr. Campbell's  face was rectangular and wearing the whole detective suit with expensive shoes and glasses. He removed his shades making me gaze in the familiar pair of eyes, I know him I had seen him somewhere my mind spoke as soon as I saw Mr. Campbell.

 Think Anne, had I interviewed him? "No" I replied to myself.

In some event? "NO, I don't remember meeting someone like him"

You do Anne, my mind mocked me once he was standing in front of us, all the others were attacking him with all the questions.

Oh my god! He was the "David Campbell", he was one of Derrick's friend since high school, they used to be on the same basketball team. Derrick used to talk about him a lot but later then as work started to increase Derrick himself got busy and today he is not even in town. 

I remember him from one of the photos which Derrick had shown me earlier.

"Mr.Campbell, is there more than one suspect in the case?" someone asked right behind me screaming in my ears, making me take one step ahead.

"Is James Parker the killer of the family?" asked another.

I got myself out, I was knowing James was not the killer, after getting all the dreams and recent events happening I was sure this was one of Nanna's anonymous second world thing. 

Today they didn't let us inside, all the reporters were standing outside recording the news when Jane came breaking my chain of thoughts.

"Anne, don't you want to make a news out of it?" she asked.

"Mr. Keynes, won't be happy if he got to know that we didn;t brought the recording," she said bringing some sense in me.

I did a quick news about the house and David Campbell being the new in charge of the case, it was like I was knowing the story but was pretending to be a part of a normal crowd. 

"Are they going to let us in today," Jane complained shifting from one foot to another but still focusing the camera on the house entrance.

"I don't think they will let us go inside today," I said.

"Hi, Anne!" Etan said walking towards us he was looking worn out as the grown beard on his face and red eyes were giving all the signs.

"Hey there, congratulations for getting your job back," I said keeping the channels mic on the broken wooden bench.

"Thank you, so how's going on with the news?" he asked.

"The same old news," I replied nonchalantly while my brain wanted to tell him every detail about what was happening to me from few days, but after seeing his reaction towards James in hospital when he told us the truth I didn't want him to think that I had gone mad too and the major was he won't believe in such things do exist.

"Do you want to tell something more?" he asked making me look at him with the debate still going inside my head.

"Anne?" he called me when I didn't reply him.

"Yes...," I said.

"Is everything fine?" he asked.

"Yeah... was just thinking, that when have I seen detective David Campbell," I said quickly covering up my weird racing thoughts.

Ethan just nodded his head and rush back to the house entrance saying a quick goodbye when he saw Mr. Campbell coming out of the house.

I need to have a talk with this new detective, he might give me more news if I used Derrick's name I thought.

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