“So how does it feel to be legal?  To legally be able to get it in with teachers?” Ronnie asked the following day. 

            “I’m not interested in ‘getting it in’ with teachers, Ronnie,” Cid muttered as they made their way to class.

            Celine eventually caught up to them.  “Hey Cid.  I need to talk to you,” she said, grabbing him by the collar and dragging him off, saying a haphazard “hello” to Ronnie as well as she pulled Cid around the corner. 

            Eventually they found a place to talk.  “You didn’t come home last night,” she stated.

            “Things got a little hectic.  I was out late and didn’t think it would be a good idea to sneak back in at 5am,” he explained.

            “My parents won’t just ignore that, Cid.  You can’t stay out all night and not check in with at least my dad,” she retorted.

            Cid sighed.  “Yeah I suppose you’re right.  I should’ve checked in.  I’m sorry,” he said.

            “Just be careful, okay?” she pleaded.  “By the way, prom is at the end of April.  Better get started on finding a date!” she declared.  Then, with her cheeks turning bright red, she rushed off to her next class.

            He shrugged and made his way to his statistics class.

            Hirihoto Momochi, aka Taka, had begun the long walk to his boss’ office.  Hidate Hirigazawa was not a happy man to begin with, and the news he was bringing with him would not make him any happier. 

            He paused as he reached the door.  He gathered up the strength he had in his body and knocked on the door. 

            “Enter,” a harsh voice beckoned.

            Taka opened the door and approached the giant desk at the center of the room.  The chair was facing the opposite direction.

            “It’s Taka, sir,” he said, announcing his presence.

            “I’ve lost three of my generals, and my profit is down 33%.  And it’s all because of that little s*** Iblis.  I should’ve killed him when I had the chance.  Lotus was with you.  Where is she?” Hirigazawa asked.

            “That is the reason behind my sudden appearance sir.  We met with the accountant, but we were ambushed,” Taka explained.

            “By who?  Or do I know the answer to that question already?” Hirigazawa asked bitterly.

            “Iblis, sir, but Diana was with him as well.  They seem to have teamed up.  Sir, Lotus was taken down, but I was willing to escape with the accountant,” Taka explained.

            Suddenly, a glass went flying across the room, smashing against the wall and bursting into hundreds of shards. 

            “I want them both dead.  Set traps, cut off the fringe trades.  Our efforts go towards finding out who these two are and killing them.  Wagner attacked Noirtech and a man named King.  I am certain that this Iblis is related to this ‘King’ and Wagner seemed to have a personal interest in the kid himself.  Dig up everything you can on the topic,” Hirigazawa commanded. 

            “Sir,” Taka stated.  He turned to leave.

            “Taka,” Hirigazawa said abruptly, causing his subordinate to pause in his steps.  “When we find these two we are to obliterate them and everyone they hold dear to them.  It will be like they never existed,” he explained.  “As my last general, you must not fail,”

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