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Its been one whole month, since Xander had set my father free. Every day I go to his room, feed him and take care of him. His condition was so bad that he couldn't even stand for the first two weeks. I don't know how I controlled myself to not go and smack some sense in Xander's head. But I stayed patient for all these weeks but now it is time to get going, to do what I wanted to do from the start.

But I hope when I am done with my games, Xander would not be broken hearted.

It is never my intention and will never be, at the nick of time, I thought about taking my revenge but towards what it will leave me? What would be the difference between me and Xander?

More over, these days Xander had been a complete gentleman but things are not like they used to be before, that cheerful Xander around me was not there, no twinkling of eyes, not even the slight twitch of lips, it looks that he is there but not there at the same time. It has been so confusing to know what has been going on his mind. He have been so confusing.

But the thing that scares me the most is that I care. I care why he is not like before, why he has a change in his behavior? I didn't spend much time with my mother, to think about it I also didn't spend much time with my father. Those memories are really blurry because of a incident, an incident which I don't want to think about.

I didn't had my mother beside me but Alice had always been my mother, after she left. And one thing out of the most things she taught me, it was that never lie to yourself. And that is why I have been really true about my feeling for Xander from the start. Because I don't want to lie to myself.

There is a attraction between us, from the start but over the course of time that attraction took a name of liking but because of the past horror events, it is wrong for me to say that I used to feel something for him. But just like before, I don't lie to my own self. After all this, I still had a corner of my heart reserved for him. It is tiny and small but still there.

I also asked my father about the whereabouts of Alice but every time I opened the subject, he silent me, saying that he needs to rest or he is not feeling really well. And that is something that worries me the most
Why is he hiding about where Alice is? I am sure he know where she is. But why is he refraining himself to tell me about her?

It is the first day that my father will get out of his own room. The healers had stopped him from walking more. And so now he is allowed, this past month, I used to feed my father first then eat something on the dining table with Xander, exchanging a word or two. But now my father is allowed to walk freely so he will be eating with us from now on. And that is something I am happy about. He had a progress. He was reluctant to eat at the same table with Xander but somehow I managed to convince him.

And that is how me, Xander and my father are sitting at the dinning table in utter silence, eating our foods. Xander at the main head table seat, while I am on his left and opposite me is my father. Xander cleared his throat and said, breaking the uncomfortable silence for the first time, directing to my father,

"How have you been feeling?" How can he ask such a question? After all all his condition is because of him and only him.

My father stayed silent for a minute but then answered, "Good"

It was his all response and then Xander turned to me and asked,

"I am going for horse riding today, mind if you join me" He asked me so politely that I would have accepted his offer although the main reason is that I have to start my plan.

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