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It’s been almost five days since Tristan caught her trying to sneak out and tied her to the bed post.

Leawyn never felt so much like a prisoner than she does now.

Every day like clockwork, Tristan would come in and give her water and her meals. Sometimes during the day Tristan would tie one of her legs together and attach it to one of the many poles holding up the tent, giving her a chance to stretch out her legs.

It was only when she begged him to let her out of her confinement, because she was going stir crazy, did he let her out of the tent. But even then she was guarded, with him by her side.

When nightfall came, Tristan would again tie her to the bed to make sure she didn’t try to escape in the middle of the night. If it wasn’t him guarding the door, it would be someone else.

The only good grace was that Tristan didn’t tell anyone about her almost escape. The men just figured it was because she was their leaders’ wife and needed to be protected.

Sometimes, Tristan would try to talk to her but each time he did, she ignored him. She knew she was being a bit irrational and childish to be snubbing him like she was, it wasn’t his fault that she was stuck with a man she didn’t love.

It wasn’t his fault that the man was his brother and his chief. Tristan would be held accountable for her actions, and the repercussions of going against the chief of the tribe were dire.

 It would be like Lyrical and Chienef all over again.

 She was wrong to ask him to betray his brother for her. But even still she couldn’t bring herself to forgive him.

Eventually, Tristan stopped trying to talk to her and let her be.

But every night, he would listen to her cry herself to sleep.

Every night he felt his heart clench in sadness knowing that this time he was part of the reason she cries.

The guilt will never leave him because he knew that though he wasn’t as cold hearted as his brother could be,

He was just like him.

He could be a monster too.


Leawyn looked up at the sound of someone coming towards her tent, figuring that it was Tristan coming to bring her the evening meal she turned her attention away content on ignoring him.

However the unfamiliar sound of another deep voice caused her to whip her head back to look at the man in front of her in surprise.

“Who are you?” Leawyn asked, her tone a bit more rude than she intended.