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Tell that
To my mother
Who says
I haven't smiled.

Who says
My face
Hasn't lit up
Since you left
This world
My world.

Tell that
To my father
Who says
He always thought
That if a man
Broke my heart
He could deal with him
Break him too
And make it right
In his eyes
But you aren't here
To mend the hurt.

Tell that 
To my friends
Who won't speak
To me
Who are sick
Of pitying
A lost cause.

I'm better off without you?

Do you think
I left my heart
Out in the rain
Equipping you
With an umbrella
Just for you to walk back
And let it whether the storm

Do you think
I gave you
The glass mason jar
Of my feelings
For you to
Smash it
On the cold tile

I gave you
The tools
I lent you
My trust
Just for you
To shelter yourself
And let everything
My heart
My feelings
Just sit outside 
And rust.

 - Her

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