5 - Not Friends?

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It was 9:30 pm when Leon's name appeared on Sage's phone screen.

She had been worried when he hadn't shown up ten minutes ago. They didn't live in a very big city so it really only took 15 minutes to get anywhere.

Sage quickly answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Hey," Leon answered.

"Are you on your way? I was starting to get a little worried you'd ditched me," Sage said lightheartedly.

Leon winced at her words, "Well, that's kinda what I'm calling about."

"Oh," Sage said disappointedly.

He felt bad skipping out like he was, but there wasn't much he could do. "Is everything okay?" Sage asked, "You're not just lost and too scared to admit it right?"

Leon found himself chuckling at her words, "No Sage, my car won't start. I just figured I'd call you before I called a tow truck to boost me, no one else is answering their phones."

"Why would you need to call a tow truck?" Sage questioned.

He sighed in annoyance, "I just told you, Sage."

Sage ignored his snippy tone and quickly replied, "Yeah, but I mean, I answered."

"I realize that, but I need someone who can actually help me," Leon said, his frustration getting the best of him.

This girl didn't even know how to change oil and she thought she would be helpful with his car issues?

"Well, I have some booster cables that my dad makes me keep in my car for emergencies. I can bring them if you want? Although I'm not sure how to use them. Besides, I owe you one anyway," Sage responded, trying not to take the way he was speaking to her personally.

"Fine," Leon sighed out, "I'm in the parking lot at my work."

"Okie Dokie, I'm on my way."

Sage was quick to grab her keys and shove on her shoes and was out the door in only a minute.

When she pulled into the parking lot she spotted Leon leaned against his car and pulled up beside him. She got out and grabbed the cables, then approached him, "How's it goin'?"

"Shitty, in case you couldn't tell," Leon grumbled.

"Well, that's nice. Here are the booster cables, just tell me what to do and I'll help you out," Sage ignored his grumpiness once again.

Leon grabbed the cables and got to work, pretty much just ignoring her presence. She listened to his instructions when he gave them and basically just tried to stay out of his way.

Especially when boosting his car didn't work.

The engine barely got going before it sputtered out pathetically. Over and over and over.

Leon was pretty much over it, "Why the fuck won't this work? I just don't understand, this stupid piece of shit!" he cursed, kicking the tire.

Deep down, he knew it was the end of his car's days. He didn't live in the most fortunate household, but his mom insisted on buying his first car since he definitely couldn't. The result was the cheapest car money could get. In all honesty, Leon was surprised it lasted as long as it did, almost two years in his care.

It was bound to happen, he just didn't understand why it had to happen today when he actually had to be somewhere.

He ran his hand over his face and sighed loudly. Sage approached him as he leaned back against his car again.

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