Chapter 12 End

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"Mn..." I yawned and rose from my bed. My hand traced the place that my husband had laid on. It's warm.

Bed sheets slid from my skin I got up from my bed.

A smile formed on my face.

I place my hand on my baby bump.

Yesterday was hectic for me. I had found out I was going to be a mother after a trip to the hospital as I was feeling unwell.

Eugene have wanted a child and he will be elated to hear about this news.

I decided. I exited my room and walked down the hallway towards my husband work room.

I looked to the other half of my child and slowly approached him as he fiddled with his computer. "My cold cold Prince..." while My hand slithered around his neck.

"My tempting princess..." He look up to meet my eye.

I bend down to his face and kiss him gently. His hand held onto my waist and kiss deeper.

"Mn.." I pulled away as he sent me a questioning gaze. I place my hand down on my tummy and said,"We will be having company for 8 months... You have to be patient." I smiled.

His eyes lighten, "A child..." His lip twirled up slightly as he place his hand on my tummy. "Finally..."

"A family that you have aways wanted." I grinned.

"I will use all my resources to investigate how to raise a child." He said thoughtfully.

"Your better not!" I frown. "The child is not a thing that have an instruction manual. You raise it with your heart."

"It's my first child. He or she will inherits this rising Kingdom of ours. I need to know how to raise it properly."

"We will do it together. Step by step." I smiled.

"Forever I will be with you. We have a long time."

In W. O. F headquarters.

"Level 3 infection wave spreading."

"Which stronghold is down?"

"FlamingPath stronghold."

"How many infected?"

".... 1324/1500."


" FlamingPath is down. I repeat the  Stronghold FlamingPath is down. Sent Psy ability users to the scene to scout for survivor."

"This is broadcast from Wings Of Freedom stronghold .  FlamingPath stronghold is down. Which stronghold is able to take in survivors."

"How many?"

"Approximately 150 might survive."

"This is IronWall Stronghold. We are able to take in 50 survivors with psy ability."


"Boss! Vengeance Stronghold is down! The...." The line cut for a moment.

"Speak up!"

"The Zombies gained psy ability!"


"How can that be... Psy ability should only be usable to humans!"

"We don't know!"

"Where is the meteorite sample?"

"In the basement sir!"

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