Chapter 7 - Text

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Amy Jackson

Dear Diary,

A few days pass and I'm starting to like it. Sofia kept apologising for talking to me about Tyler that day and honestly she doesn't need to say sorry. It's normal for a girl to feel that way when they meet someone. Alex and I ended up playing Tennis the other day. I am not an expert on tennis neither a champion but I like sports so if anyone suggests tennis my hand will shoot up first. (This goes for all other sports games as well) I've started going to school on my own now since Tyler decided it'll be great to piss me off early in the morning by waking up late.

How I hate being late.

Alex kept telling me to go audition for the school dance team and frankly I love dancing, but competing with other students and school I get really nervous and anyways I just dance when I feel like, I don't follow a strategy. Don't forget I always took my diary to school every day.


12:58 2 minutes to lunch. I'm currently sitting at my desk in history waiting for the lunch bell to ring. I've finished all my work. The supply teacher can't be asked to teach anything so he just gave us a few worksheets to do. I don't want to sit there staring at the ceiling so I just read my book. I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket and I take it out to check who it is.

Meet me outside the changing rooms

That text was enough to get me worried. I started panicking as to who it was and why they told me to meet them.

Oh no.

Is history repeating itself?
I don't want what happened in London to come back.

Oh god please save me!

Trying to push my worries away I decided to ask the person who they are.

Who is this?

I text back despite my unintentional shaking.

When I don't get a reply I start getting worried even more.

Don't they want to tell me who they are?

Should I just block them?
Its only thing I can do right now.

Just I'm about confirm blocking the contact I receive a message from the same person. Without thinking twice I open the message.


Finally knowing who it is I leave a sigh thanking God that it isn't someone from London or some creep.

I save the contact, but just as I'm about shut my phone off I think to myself.

How in the world did he get my number?
I decided to ask him.

How did u get my number?

You called me from your phone when you were fixing my phone remember?

That's when I remember I was in Sofia's house for the first time and Sofia had gone to the bathroom and Alex decided to throw a shouting party.

I mentally slap myself.

Amy how can you be so stupid, giving your number like that to everyone.

Ever since the incident in London I strictly limited my contacts and social media.

I deleted my Instagram and Snapchat and deleted every single contact from London. Including the person who wrecked my life, my friends who won't even take my explanations into account and every other person in school. Now I only had my Mum, Dad and Tyler on my contact list and Sofia has joined the list recently.

Then I think to myself, just because he has my number it doesn't mean he can text me.

Why r u texting me?

Oops... 😁
Anyways, meet me outside the changing rooms.


You have a lot of explaining to do!

That last message made my world come storming down.

What does he mean by 'explaining'.

Does he mean about London?
Does he know?
No, he can't.

A million questions rise up in my head to the point that I feel like I might explode. I jump when the bell rings and I think to myself

Why was I looking forward to lunch?

Everyone storms out of the classroom leaving the chairs and desks scattered.

I abruptly take my belongings and half-heartedly walk out the door. Making my way towards my locker with my book in one hand and my handbag in the other I unconsciously come up with all the possible things Alex may ask about.

Why did I call from my number anyways?

Amy, how can you be so stupid letting your number slip out like that, you know very well that what you did in London was a big fat mistake and you promised yourself that you would be aware of your every single move and that means not letting anyone get your number.


That's the thing ever since I left London I frequently talk to my self to make sure I don't get off guard. It's tiring but It's all I have the strength to do.

The changing rooms are literally right next to the lockers. I'm just freaking out too much. It's probably something superstitious, but what if it's actually something to do with London?


Just as I hear people exiting the changing rooms my fears rise up, I quickly think about turning around and not even having to see Alex.

I stuff my things in the locker and turn around in lightning speed ready to leg it, but unfortunately, God has other plans for me.

"Amy?" I hear Alex say making me freeze at my trace. I hesitantly turn around with a sheepish smile plastered on my face.

"Hi." I say slightly nodding my head.

"Hi." He says.


10 seconds of silence made me nervous and scared.

"Why did you say you want to see me?" I ask.

"Oh right. Come with me." He says and grabs my hand heading out of locker section. All of a sudden anger rises through me.

No, I'm not PMSing.

He can't just grab my hand like that and think I'll follow him.

I stop, making him look at me.

I try to keep my composure as best as I can.

"I can walk by myself I don't need guidance." I say with a hint of coldness.

Like I told you guys I have to keep my guards up.

Alex just looks at me with an unreadable expression but releases my hand.

"Sorry." He says.

I gesture him to lead the way and he does so willingly.

Not walking too far we arrive at the... dance studio?

 dance studio?

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