Graser's Announcement

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After those hours of being at the beach. They were all ready to go home. And so they did. Tired, and even a bit sunburnt. Once Will, Shelby, Liam, and Graser arrived, they all cleaned themselves up, and collapsed on the couch, with droopy eyes. Like sleepy children, they'd all fallen asleep for 2 hours.

Later, an alarm had gone off. It must have been Liam's, because he just seems like the type of person to have an alarm to wake them up after a nap. Luckily, I wasn't the only one who had woken up from that alarm. Graser, who had fallen on the floor during the two hours of sleeping, woke up. Will pulled me into an embrace, since he clearly wasn't ready to wake up yet.
"Will, wake up, I'm not your pillow." What was I saying, I've been his pillow ever since we've started dating. Having realized that, I put my arms around him, and hugged him back.

Shelby is a soft pillow.

I had an announcement. That I really wanted to make. I told myself that I'd wait till everyone was awake. Suddenly, everyone began to wake up. s i g h
I guess I better do it...
"Hey, guys?"
"Hm?" The three said in unison
"I-I kinda have an announcement... A serious one."
They all began to sit up
"Okay, what is it?" Shelby asked, calm, yet serious
"Did you finally get a match on Tinder?" Will asked, jokingly
"W-what? No! It's something way more serious."
"Alright, alright. I'm sorry, go ahead." He apologized
"The author of this fanfiction is ending it soon... After the next chapter, it will be completed..." I said, sadly
"WHAT?!" Said Liam, getting up
"What fanfiction?" Shelby asked, totally confused
"The one we're in right now, Shelby..." Will hugged her
"Aw... BUT WHY, GRASER. I GOT TO BE WITH WILL IN THIS ONE!" Shelby hugged Will tighter, tears running down her cheeks.
I shook my head, realizing that was just happened, was played out in my head. Dang, being a fan girl really messes with your head... Now, I could actually make the announcement
"Hmm?" They all asked in unison, again
"I have a special, yet serious, announcement."
They sat up, preparing for this announcement
"What is it?" Shelby asked
"I-I'm... Moving to L.A.! And I'm moving into this apartment building!" I say enthusiastically
Will pretends to faint, and lands on the floor
"Hey, same here!" Liam announced
"You're both moving to L.A.?!" Asked Shelby
"Yeah, I guess so! That means more VIEWWWWWS!" I jumped in triumph
"That's great... I guess... Sorta!" Shelby hugged Liam and I, and Will was still on the floor

That was bad, but oh well😂 Sorry for leaving y'all for like three-ish days! I just sorta needed a break. But I'm back. Also, expect I big time skip soon! Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed, even though my chapters are beginning to suck...
Edit: I'm not actually ending this fanfic, just so you know😂

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