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Ch.37 Ties and lockdowns

It was 6th period the moment which was language arts for me, throughout today the teachers have been introducing Remo as a new student due to him just transferring here.

In lunch I couldn't help but realize Shifteh hadn't talked to me in a while, instead she looks every where but at me and when ever we do make eye contact she looks guilty and turns away. I wonder what got into her lately, but eventually she'll tell me.

I also haven't seen West around, I texted her before lunch and she read it but didn't reply; it's not like her to do that.

The teacher sat Remo between me and Savage but be ended up being my partner, since Savage was partners with the guy next to her I saw her talking to earlier in the day. With that the class continued.

Savage was obviously uncomfortable due to all of Remo's flirts, I felt bad for her. I would tell the reason, but thats for another time. The guy next to her seemed agitated with Remo's attempts to win Savages attention, but stood quiet unless having a conversation at least.

For the first ten minutes of class I felt sick and tried to concentrate, but all my attempts were useless since the teacher noticed it.

"Fresh, you should go to the nurse." I was told for the second time.

"...Okay." I sighed taking my backpack as I got up.

'Maybe I should have on to the nurse like PJ said.' I thought.

"Remo, he knows the way but make sure he gets to the nurse office." Our teacher said going back to teaching right after.

We walked out and next thing I knew I was the one being flirted with.

He definitely wasn't hiding it, just like I wasn't hiding the fact his attempts ammused me. I laughed at his dumb pick up lines, telling him how cliche they were every time.

I was just taking it as a joke since I didn't think he was actually trying, but what i didn't know was that he meant all of it.

We were half way to the front office when we heard a click go off from the intercoms.

"The whole school is under lock down, this is not a drill! Lock doors, turn off lights, close shades and get to safety! I repeat the whole school is under lock down, this is not a dri-"

"Shut up!" A irritated voice went off on the intercom and my heart stopped, the intercom turned off immediately after and I panicked at this.

They'll really do anything to find Garte won't they?

"Crap!" Remo said since we weren't near any of the buildings, even if we ran by the time we'd reach one of the builds the doors would be locked.

In other words we're screwed. Especially me.

"Hey!" A familiar voice shouted to us and we instantly turned to see none other than PJ himself, waving us over.

"Come on, we don't have forever!" He said as I ran along side him, Remo seemed to question this at first but followed once I did.

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