Leonis, 1:1, 2:14 - Roach Hotel - A Sure Catcher

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April 29th, 1953 7:00 AM

"7'o'clock, every day like clockwork," Reggie said as he sneered at the former NWUS Officer walking by the open door to his office. He closed the lid on his father's old pocket watch with a snap and returned it to his vest, letting the gold chain fall loosely over his side. "At least I now know the truth," Agent Gibreth considered. He finally found out what that little sleaze ball Commander Steffen had been up to at the old insane asylum just north of the city.

Reggie pointed toward the door. "That's right asshole, I finally get it."

"Asshole?" Fentz asked, looking up from where he sat across the smoky room from his supervisor. He held the blueprints for a prototype machine in his hands.

"Sorry, did I say that out loud? I didn't mean you."

"I see. So, what is it you are, erm, getting, Reggie?

Gilbreth laughed. "Sorry, I sometimes forget you still have trouble with Twentieth Century lingo."

"At times," Rudolph replied. "Yet I understand what you are saying typically; it is just my response I oftentimes stumble over. I do apologize."

"Stop it, Rudy. There's no apology necessary."

Rudolph nodded in understanding. "So, what is it that you understand, Reggie?"

"It's how I believe that jackbooted Commander Steffen got where he was so quickly. One of my old Army buddies managed to get himself a high-level security clearance job with the NNO, thanks to yours truly, and was posted as a guard out at the strange old 'mental hospital' just north of town. The facility has been converted into something rather disturbing. It's actually a little love nest good ol' Commander Steffen calls Camp Semifer!" Reggie replied.

"Love nest?"

"The NNO, they are doing 'experiments' of some kind up there and from what Sergeant Dan, my Army buddy said, it seems to be involving 'breeding' with Negexis women...forced breeding."

Rudolph sat up and leaned forward in interest. "As Jesus is my Lord and Savior that is rather disturbing. I do understand these creatures are the enemy, nevertheless, Reggie, that is not ethical."

"I agree. In fact, I'd say the place should be called Camp Molester. Still, my money says this is how he has managed to get all those politicians under his little fascist thumb. I swear to you Rudy, we're no better than the Nazis doing that kind of crap. I mean, come on, he even looks like Heinrich Müller half the time with that stupid trench coat he wears! I mean, good Lord..."

"What did you say, Reggie?"

"What part?"

"That name..Müller," Rudolph replied. "You know someone with that surname?"

"Just one and he was the head of the Nazi Gestapo. Really scary fellow. In fact, he went missing right after ol' Hitler offed himself. No one's been able to find him since. Why do you ask?"

"Have you taken a look at these machines being offered up by NNO as the future of Negexis recovery and apprehension?" Rudolph asked. "Such strange contraptions these automatons, roadblocks, or whatever they may be called.

"Roadblocks, huh? I believe the term you are looking for is 'robot'."

"Yes, that is the word! Yet the name is neither here nor there," Rudolph said and pointed at the engineering drawings. "Take a look at this."

Reggie removed the heels of his polished shoes from the desktop and set them on the floor. He strolled over to Rudolph's desk and leaned over the man's shoulders.

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